Friday, September 28, 2007

A partial band bra

For a long time I've wanted to try the technique described in the article The Bridge Engineer - The Keyhole on the Bra making blog (unfortunately no recent entries any more).

In the past week I tried it, and this is the result, it's not exactly what is described, I gave my own twist.

Important is that you can only do this on a partial band bra. I've used my own pattern and converted that to a partial band bra. I'll write a post on how I did that later.
Instead of paper as described in the article, I used a piece of washaway stabilizer.

A picture to illustrate this.
The idea is that you can change the shape of the center front tab as you like and use paper (or washaway stabilizer) to help you to keep everything in place while constructing the bra.

It's made of a few pieces left of a lingerie set I made two years ago, this is a very wearable muslin. However, it's not completely what I wanted. I made a change to the upper cup, to try to make a more horizontal line, instead of the diagonal from center front to shoulder strap. Must try again with a lace that has less stretch, that might make a difference.
Searching for the right change, as I have a RTW bra in mind that I want to copy.


  1. Gorgeous bra! I'd never really thought about bra making, but it does make sense to try it as many of my gowns have built-in foundations. I do that so the wearer doesn't have to wear a strapless bra - which most women aren't comfortable with or have little faith in the support of a strapless.

  2. Exquisite!!!
    I love the bras that you make!

  3. I've decided to try making a bra - and it's your inspiration that has done it! Anyway, I have a question. The bra pattern I have calls for power mesh for the sides. I did manage to finally find some, but what else do you recommend that will work for the sides?