Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rocking girl blogger - Me?

Just saw that Laura from Laura's sewing room has nominated me as Rocking girl blogger. Thank you Laura.

What can I say, I'm very surprised. My blog is only a few months on the web, and it feels good that it is read.
Just like to share my sewing experiences, and like very much to read other blogs on sewing, as there is really nobody in my family/friends circle who sews. Blogging myself, and reading other blogs makes me feel that I'm part of a sewing community, and I'm grateful to all who share their experiences that way.

I believe that I'm supposed to name 5 others, this seems a bit unfair, as there are more than 5 blogs that I read regularly. But I would like to name (in alphabetical order, and probably some have been named more than once,):

And a special thanks to all sewing bloggers for sharing experiences!


  1. Even if your blog is quite new, it is interesting and full of useful information!
    So... I do think you rock :)

  2. Thanks Sigrid! As far as I know, I've never been nominated.

  3. Hi sigrid! I LOVE your blog! I was searching the internet for something about sewing that I can't even remember! LOL Now all I can think about is how much I want to sew bras and panties. Yours are so beautiful. Anyway, I was looking for a good pattern or two to start me off (I'm in the US). Have you ever used Lekala. I found them on and apparently you can enter you measurements and print a custom pattern. Also if you have any other lingerie pattern reccomendations that you know of that come in English?
    P.S. You've made me think of starting my own sewing blog!