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A different wrap

The October issue of Knip Mode showed a nice variation on the wrap top or t-shirt with a twist. As I needed something not too complicated after my jacket, I did sew this last weekend. And still have no pictures of me wearing it!Look at the neckline on the two pictures, a bit strange to have this from the same pattern don’t you think? The left neckline is much higher than the right one. The line drawing, more representing the idea of the blue version than the pink one.There are “step by step”  instructions in the magazine. To me they were not clear! For a start the pictures are too unclear to really see what is being done, and having used a printed fabric doesn’t help much either. I do prefer the instructions they had before, with drawings. If using pictures, they should have used a plain fabric. I tried to follow the instructions, and made a hem on the wrong part of the neckline, so  in the end just did what I think was best. It’s a muslin more or less, wearable but could have been be…

Vogue 1064 – finished at last

It took me ages to finish the jacket. This was not because of the pattern, it isn’t that difficult. You know how it goes: other priorities, the weather was very good for a few weeks with summer temperatures here, not the weather to sew a winter jacket and more of such things. It also made/makes me reading only very few blog posts of other bloggers, rarely commenting too. I apologize for that, I love to read on sewing and get inspiration from all of you who blog.It’s just the way it is right now.This is the result on me:I’ve sewn a black pair of trousers (very much needed) as well, but they still needed a final press. Today a family member was available to make pictures during daylight, so you see it with my old jeans and I didn’t bother for the black trousers to be pressed first ;).Back and side view. I might add a chain to the hem as in a Chanel jacket. This fabric might need it, especially in the back. I took out some space from center back. After doing the muslin I added a fba and …

Meeting a diva

Yesterday I had a lovely sewing related day. I “took a day off” from work, or rather left work for what it is (I’m my own boss, so no one to ask for a day off) and drove up to the north of the Netherlands together with my friend Valerie where we met sewing diva Els. We met at the store Beauty vof, specialized in notions for tailors. There the owner of the shop gave us a tour showing the things they sell. Great for future reference too, as they sell online as well, though the webshop is interesting only to readers who speak Dutch, as the site is in that language only. After that we had lunch first, came back to the shop to buy quite a few things, and had tea at Els’ home. It was a wonderful day, and Els is as nice in real life as she is through sharing her knowledge on the Sewing diva’s blog. It was great meeting you Els, thank you so much!Me, Valerie and ElsValerie and Els discussing sewing?Now I really must get some sewing done, I’m being quite absent here….