Friday, September 14, 2007

All my Ottobre shirts

Just a small image of my combined Ottobre shirts. Something went wrong again and the picture became quite small.
It seems like a lot of work done, but it did not take a lot of time, the last one only took me an hour.
If you want to see one of the shirts in more detail, you can find the pictures here and the PR review here.

Today I bought the new Knip mode magazine. This pictures shows a great combination from a Dutch designer, and I'm definitely going to implement the skirt in my wardrobe plan. But I think it will be better without the horizontal line (at least for me), so I will draw it without.

But what about this skirt? It's not my style, but that's not the point. They definitely took a model that does not fit into the skirt. I hate it when Burda doesn't show the details properly (hair before the neckline,or bag before the skirt with a special godet etc.) but this is worse. Who would be tempted to make this with these pictures? It's not flattering at all.

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  1. Um, no I wouldn't be tempted to make that tan skirt either. I'd be afraid I'd look like the model in it when I was done!

    Although I love BWOF to death, yes it is a bit strange that you can't see the details in the photographs. I'm always finding little surprises when I look at the line drawings!


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