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Time out

That's what I'm going to take for the moment. I've decided not to blog for at least a month. No special reason, only that I feel very, very worn out by the constant high pressure of work, sleeping badly as a result. Reading a sewing book or magazine doesn't help anymore to relax. Bad sign, as even the fabric collection is giving me guilty feelings: so much fabric and plans, and nothing done (I'm not one for a large fabric stash). No sewing also means not much to blog about!The only thing I did the previous week, was making a tutorial for the bra in Dutch (for Dutch readers: you can find it when you click on the link "Uitleg (NL bestanden)" on top of the screen). I'll translate that one sometime soon in English. That's it for now, for those who blog or write pattern reviews: I'll be following along, but probably will not comment a lot (last month I already was a very occasional commenter).See you next time in a better spirit on my side I hope.

Easily distracted

Yesterday my Patrones issue arrived, and today October BWOF, what a pleasure for the eye! The Patrones issue is already highly praised by others, and I can only agree that this is a great issue. BWOF has some interesting things, and the jacket that is shown on the front is my favorite. But how many jackets can you make? They take a lot of time preparing and constructing, too little time to make all I like. The pattern sheets from Patrones were immediately used. There is this dress in a retro print, that I cut tonight from a knit from my stash. I made it shorter, so that it will be a top/t-shirt. Hope it's a wearable "muslin". I used a print too, and think that's a pity really. The lines of the pattern call for a plain fabric with topstitching, color blocking or working with stripes. What do you think?And if you buy or have a subscription to a magazine, are your plans for sewing as easily altered as mine? No idea this weekend that I would be sewing this top, and now I…