Friday, September 23, 2011

Mixing fabrics

Is not what I am doing yet, but designer Dries van Noten certainly is doing this in a very inspiring way. Lindsay T and Carolyn already made beautiful garments inspired by his designs.

Last weekend Dries van Noten was the guest editor of the weekend-supplement that comes with our newspaper. And it was a great supplement, the skirt on the cover immediately caught my eye:

Think I will try to find some fabrics to make a skirt like this when I go to one of the fabric markets that are held now.




The picture of the front is from the Dries van Noten website. If you like mixing fabrics (which is rather new to me), do take a look at his website. Very inspiring.


And my actual ewing: very slow progress, hope to do some substantial work on the jacket this weekend. BUT: there is a forecast for beautiful weather, so I might be enjoying that instead of sewing inside the house.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Vogue pattern

As I said this week: the dress is out for the moment. Too complicated to get it the way I like it.

There’s another Vogue pattern that has been in my stash for a few years and have wanted to try for a long time: 1064, an Anne Klein jacket. I’ve checked before and did it again yesterday, but there are NO reviews on this pattern and it even is out of print now. Not popular apparently, but I like the style with all the darts and the waistline shaping it gives.


After my disastrous Knip mode jacket in early summer, I made a muslin first. Size 14 was the largest in the envelope I had, a 16 would have been the size to use by bust measurement.



It is a bit snug in the bust area, I already did a fba (Sandra Betzine method from het book Fast Fit) on the front pattern piece.

The back looks a bit wide, but I must not make it smaller, because I won’t be able to move easily anymore. A little shoulderpad will probably make a difference too.

All in all I’m quite happy with the muslin. Now to decide which fabric to use.

Give away

The Sewy bra pattern is for the 5th commenter: Rustyboobz=Andrea.


Hope you will like it. Please send me your mail address (you’ll find my e-mail address in the sidebar) and I will send you the pattern this week.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Give away

No news on the dress from my previous post. I do agree with some of the comments that I should add the skirt part to evaluate the fit better. But I don’t like the top part enough to continue it. I’m not fond of the cut-on sleeves and honestly I think I need to do a FBA to make sure the top remains closed decently. Too much effort for me now, not in the mood for such a complex change.
I did make a bra, of which I don’t have a picture here (time really is an issue at the moment and I don’t want to photoshop a picture). It’s the pattern below, the Sewy Linda bra.

I have the pattern already a few years, made it for the first time more than 2 years ago and didn’t like it that much, though I wondered whether it was the fabric/lace I used at the time. I wanted to give it a try again, and though the fit is OK, I still think it’s not “my” pattern. Time to let it go. Anyone interested?
Sizes you can see on the picture (click to enlarge) and the instructions are in German.
This give away is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Leave a comment on this post if you’re interested and I’ll do a draw on Saturday.