Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pants finished, new projects started

Today I finished the last part of the Burda pants, the complete review is posted on PR. In general I like the fit (as always good with BWOF), but it will be the only time I sew this pattern.

To complete here two pictures of the pants (I was looking for a black belt to go with these pants, and then realised that went to the dustbin some time ago) :

Meanwhile I have started two other projects, one the Knip skirt that I posted on last week, and the other my Marfy wintercoat.

The coat is really an ambitious project for me, and will probably take quite a bit of time to complete. This is only the second time I make a Marfy pattern, and the first time in many, many years that I make a coat. So I'm going to read all information that Laura gave in her post of today, in which she shows such a wonderfully made jacket.

This is the pattern picture (remember Marfy, this is all the information you get, no linedrawings or instructions!) and the fabric that I'm going to make it with.

The paisley like print will be the collar and the cuff.

Considering this it seemed wise to make a muslin first. This I cut already two weeks ago on an evening, traced the seam lines on the cut pieces and yesterday put it together.

The pattern pieces laid out to check (not ready to cut, no seam allowances added).

The fit of the muslin was fine, until I realised that I was only wearing a t-shirt underneath, and that in winter I often wear a jacket or something with more body than a cotton knit! The sleeves I compared to the sleeves of another coat and they too were too narrow.
So all seams had to be altered, but now it is OK. Only on the back there is a little problem where the sleeve is inserted. A bit too much fabric in the back (and I did not widen the back seams above waist level, as my back is very narrow).
I will alter the muslin and evaluate then.

Pictures of my muslin (and you should have seen the face of my husband when I came into the room wearing this. He really thought I was making a pink coat! Guess what, he would not like that).


  1. I like the cut of the pants - nicely done! Your coat will be lovely with the fabric you chose. My muslins are a bit stranely colored, too, sometimes. I use whatever is cheapest or I want to get out of the stash.

  2. I love the pants, Sigrid, they look really good on you and they are so trendy!
    The Marfy pattern is very nice, good luck with the coat, I think it's going to turn out just great!


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