Monday, September 10, 2007

FBA for Ottobre t-shirts

Life is chaotic at the moment, the new school season started and the sport season too. And although this means that during the daytime I can work reasonably undisturbed, it also means a totally new schedule after schooltimes, requiring a lot of planning. Unfortunately 3 times a week we can not manage to have dinner together. This last I feel as a loss, it's such a great time as family together, to share news and talk about the little and more important things in life. But alas, training schedules are in the way.

But luckily I do manage to sew a bit in the evenings, although not very complicated patterns at the moment. I'm doing a lot of t-shirts from the Ottobre patterns, but with alterations.

I liked the fit of the first Ottobre t-shirt I made, but do not want all my tops with a gathered neckline, so I combined the shirt of two patterns.

I took the first as a start, with the long sleeves and ungathered neckline.

Then I drafted the neckline of the second pattern into the front of the first pattern, as I like the neckline of the second one better (first measured the width on the pattern that was used for gathering).

After measuring the width of the pattern, I found that it would be very tight, as there was 6 cm short at high bust level. And I don't like my t-shirts very tight, so I made a FBA as described in Sandra Betzina's book "Fast Fit". She describes this method on this site.
To prevent the pattern to be too wide above the bust, I have drawn the original armhole in the pattern and adjusted the shoulder seamline. (Pattern is without seam allowances).

The end result of this adaption.

If I find time to hem my tee's, I'll post pictures.

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