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Minor change

On the left the photo I published on Friday, on the right with a slight change to the armscye and sleeve (as first suggested by Nancy K, thank you!). I could not just take out more fromt the bodice, as that would influence wearing ease too much. I took away from the bodice and added to the sleeve. Again this is better, but there is still a hollow pleat that I don’t know how to get rid off. It’s so difficult to fit yourself, especially in the back. Think I will I take out a little of the middle pattern piece and see what happens. If you have any thoughts on this, please share.

Adapted muslin

I made a few changes to the muslin and it’s looking and feeling better in general, less snug. Not completely there yet, though I think I’m close.The front: I took out the diagonal seam at bust height, but a bit too much above the bust. At the right side I’ve made a slit and added some fabric. That is no improvement. I’ve indicated the welt pockets with strips of fabric, higher than I planned them earlier. With a marker I’ve indicated a little change in the diagonal seam, both at the bottom and at the top. How difficult to mark the garment when looking in a mirror!Front of the sleeves is OK. I’ve put in the thin shoulder pads I intend to use. The back: On the right side I’ve sewn the sleeve at the seamline of the pattern. On the left side I’ve changed the armscye and took out some space, more at the bottom of it, tapering to nothing to the shoulder point. Should I take out more or should I keep the extra ease for moving? Do you agree that the left side is better than the right?The extr…

Jacket muslin

I’ve been working on drafting the pattern for the second jacket I want to make. My inspiration is another Claudia Sträter jacket. This jacket again has special design lines. The pattern I started with is a Burda pattern. Have to check on the issue but it’s an old issue and it doesn’t look like this jacket. It has a lot of design lines though, which made it a bit easier to change them. I’ve started with a size 40 by high bust measurement, knowing I would have to do an FBA. I decided to worry about that in a later phase, as the first thing was to get the lines of the pattern as I wanted.My observations, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. (click on the pictures too see a larger one)it’s too long, it has to be shortened. Collar looks ok, both roll line and hight of lapel I made the shoulder a bit shorter, think that’s better, but to be finally judged with sleeves added Start of pocket must be more to the side seam FBA needed Curve is too round, must be a bit steeper. It gets extra …


The random number generator came up with number 2. So ParisGrll is the recipient of the lace. Please mail me your adress (my address is in the sidebar) and I'll send it to you.

This line had to be in last post:
Thank you all for reading my blog! In those six years I have acquired quite a few followers and made online and real life sewing friends. Which is something that makes me exceptionally happy!

Miscellaneous post

For the record: this is post 600! Which I saw by coincidence this week. That is about a 100 posts a year, about 2 a week in average (must have blogged more in the early years). My blogversary was in April, during my two months blog-vacation. Six years sounds like a long period but to me it also seems like yesterday that I started my blog. At the same time: I’m in my 50’s now, my children have grown up in the meantime, my then 11 year old son now is a 17 year old, my then 13 year old daughter is almost 20. Both are studying now, we are proud parents. It makes you more aware of time passing though. The empty nest is around the corner… Quickly back to sewing:I’ve finished 2 of the 3 projects I was working on. One is the Jalie 3130 blouse. For the photo I’ve worn the blouse with the sleeves in both variations. It’s not my favorite shirt pattern. First off: it would have been better to start with a smaller size and do an fba.
The body is nicely drafted with bust darts and vertical darts bo…


My most recent jacket made me realise that this is the type of jacket I like best: fitted, definite waist shaping and special design lines. In my head the next one is getting shape. For the moment that is what it is, I’m not yet drawing the pattern, but hope to do that once the current (smaller) projects are done. I have learned that it best for me to work at one garment at a time, but have broken that “rule” and am working on a pair of trousers, a blouse and a bra. I really have to finish those first.
I’ll leave you with some screenshots of my inspiration.

Easy tops

Thank you for your lovely comments on my jacket. Apparently I often say that I’m doing something simple after a complex projects, as one commenter found it funny I always say that. It is the way it works for me, I usually want to do some easy projects before doing something complicated again. Right now I’m thinking about another summer jacket  in a linen/cotton blend and looking for inspiration what to make. Summer has arrived and it’s too warm to wear the jacket.I wouldn’t dare to complain, it’s been cold so long and I’m happy to have higher temperatures. The jacket will be there when the weather changes again (too soon probably). It is time to add a few summer tops to my wardrobe The top above is not a real summer top but a trial top for the combination of a Ottobre top and the collar of a StyleArc pattern. I like the collar/neckline very much and will use it more often. A thank you to one of my readers who shared the collar draft with me!Below two cowl neck tops that only took an h…

Google reader is disappearing

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Like many of you I used to follow a lot of blogs with Google reader. I'm not yet completely happy with Bloglovin and will probably use GR till the last day. Especially because I can read a complete post without clicking to go to the blog itself. That's such a great feature. But times are changing so I will (have to) get used to it....

I’m pleased with the result

This is a very picture heavy post. The pictures will tell most of the story anyway. This jacket started with an e-mail from Claudia Sträters shop (sorry if you were expecting a pattern number now). One of the e-mails I will open and almost always follow the link to their website. The style of their clothes often appeal to me and I do have a few pieces in my closet as well.
I loved the lines of this jacket, but it was only sold in yellow and bright pink, not my colors at all.

Time to think about making it to a pattern. I worked on it for one evenening and threw the result in the waste paper bin. Next day I tried again, now using this OOP Vogue 1040 jacket with shoulder princess seams to start with.

Combining it with the center front and lapel from this Burda jacket.

This draft made it to a muslin, based on which I decided to alter the roll line of the lapel and the back still had a bit too much flare.

Part of the pattern drafting:

These were only the pieces for the body part, not t…