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2007 almost gone

2007 in sewing terms was a year in which I feel I really got back to sewing. I did sew a lot in the past for myself, but that hobby was mostly lost in the past 10-15 years. I did sew for my children a lot. And I liked that very much, though it doesn't give as much challenge as sewing for myself, both technically and fitting wise.

Early in the year I published my first review on Pattern Review, which I had discovered in November last year. Since then I wrote 44 reviews, most of them on clothes for myself. There were successes and failures, but I enjoy sewing immensely again.

In April I started this blog, and that too is fun, though I have thought a few times to stop writing, as I was afraid it was not adding too much to my reviews. Now I think that it is a good opportunity to show what I'm working on, and try to share things in the sewing process that not always become that clear in a review. From the comments I think at least a few people like to read it, I'm very thankful f…

Merry Xmas

To all of you: Merry Christmas!

Lining a vest

In this post I'll describe how to line a vest. This description is based on the technique that is described in a Burda sewing book I have (in Dutch).

For your information: here you can find this description in a PDF-file.

First the result of the vest, I had no buttons to go with it, will add these later.

The back of the lining is cut 3-4 centimeters from the fold of the fabric. This gives moving space and prevents your outer fabric from pulling.

Sew the center back seam partially: 5 centimeters on the top, and a few centimetres in the waist and on the bottom.

Sew outside of vest as normal, but do not sew the side seams.

Sew lining, without sewing side seams.

Pin and seam vest and lining at front, armholes and back hem. Stitch to the exact seamline of the sideseam, not over it (see next picture)

Make sure you mark the side seam, to be sure that you do not stitch too far.

Clip all round seams, grade seams if your fabric is thick.

Turn the vest by putting your hand through the side s…

Sewing plans

Well, I got some sewing done today. When I cut my black skirt, I also cut a vest from the Knip Mode magazine. Not to wear together, but there was enough fabric left for this vest, which I wanted to make. I made the outer shell and cut the lining (the black dotted fabric), and hope to finish this project this weekend.
On the end of this post there is a description how I made the single welt pocket. I'll write another post to show how I do the lining for such a vest.

There are quite a few other projects that need to be finished and one for this weekend too: my DD wants to make/have a new dress for Christmas and I agreed to make one from the November BWOF issue. Fuchsia pink with black bow is the idea. No opportunity to get bored I guess..... Planning could have been better.

This week I gave up on the idea of finishing my jacket before Christmas: I was misinterpreting something in my Stitch and flip jacket class on Pattern Review, and it became only clear to me what I was not getting a…


Back from Londen (already since Monday night, but first a few other things to attend) I have no pictures to share from the Victoria and Albert museum. It was not allowed to take pictures.
But wow, this exhibition was worth coming to. Like Melissa who wrote in the comments, it took me over two hours too to see it. And the friend I was with (who is not a sewer) enjoyed it too.
There were many details to see (only sometimes I would have liked a mirror so the back of the garment could be seen better). There were short movies from catwalks, or undergarments that were worn, Audrey Hepburn etc. The music in the background was from that period, but really in the background, not too loud. Really wonderful.
And I wish I worked at the museum, so that I could peek into the construction of these garments better, you don't really see that part obviously (sorry Carolyn, no details there).

In the evening we went to the Royal Albert Hall, listening to Christmas carrols from the London philarmonic orch…

A new skirt

After all my muslins it was time for some real garment, and it had to be a simple one. I want to have a new jacket and skirt ready for Christmas, and time is flying.
First there was our Sinterklaas feast and its preparations, this week my son had his 12th birthday (Hurray, 12/12 he became 12) and this weekend I'll spend in London, visiting the Couture exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum and listening to Christmas carols in the Royal Albert Hall. I look forward to this very special weekend, but together with my work there's not so much time left to sew next week.
The skirt I made was BWOF 08-2006-103. The review of this is here.

Two detail pictures here (lightened them so that you can see some details, black is so difficult to take pictures from). More pictures in my picture album.

As said, this was a simple project. But a black skirt is always a good item to have and I like this one's special back godets. The only special thing I did was adding tailor's tape to th…

One jacket out, one jacket in

Thanks to those who advised on the jackets. It's very helpful. The second jacket is definitely not going to be made by me. Look forward to versions of Tany and Vicky, but am convinced now that it will not work on me.
Summerset said that it should be longer to look good on me, Vicky that the style should show the waist. They're both right, but if I show my waist with a wide jacket, it will give more accent to my hips (which is not a plus of me). And for me that would only work with a sheat dress under the jacket, not with skirt or pants. I know because I tried a short jacket in a shop a few months ago.

The first jacket after a little tweaking in the back: with one shoulderpad, couldn't find the other one, and didn't have another pair. I narrowed the back in the princess line a bit, and a bit more in the waist, as suggested by Nancy K. A bit too much in the waist I think.

This is the fabric/lining combination that I'm going to use (sale started in a fabric shop with gre…

Two muslins

No progress on the skirt at all. I've been busy Tuesday evening and a part of Wednesday writing Sinterklaas "poetry". In Holland the 5th of December always is the moment in the year when children get presents. Sinterklaas is our Santa so to say. In the past 20-30 years the Sinterklaas event is getting less important for teenagers and grown ups, as with us too a lot of people give presents with Christmas. My family in general keeps to the old tradition, and Christmas to us is a feast of light, going to church on Christmas eve or morning, have a family diner, but no presents. Hard to understand for those grown up in another tradition I guess.

But the 5th of December is special if you do it with older children, like ours of 14 and (almost) 12 years old. We give presents and write a text that has to rhyme. And it is OK to make little jokes about someones habits or hobbies. It was great fun to hear the rhymes our children wrote, they're getting older, seeing and saying mo…