Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Fear of cutting

Do you have fear of cutting fabric? Even after so many years of sewing I have that fear occassionally. Like with the project I’m currently working on. 

My daughter will attend a wedding in a few weeks and asked me to make her dress. She had found a photo on Pinterest of the dress she would like. My daughter, like me, likes non-fussy garments, so the lines of this dress are not complicated. Easy-peasy you might think but simple lines require precision. The fabric is a lovely silk in an unconventional width. 

The inspiration photo

You get the general idea, but details are to be decided upon by yourself😊.  

I decided on princess seams and made a pattern, based on very old Burda pattern.

The fabric is laid out on the floor and I have added the pattern pieces and indicated cutting lines with chalk. Now finding the courage to cut it! And in case you’re wondering: I did make a muslin first.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Skirt variations


It's a special experience to see a pattern that I drafted made by others. In this case my Debut skirt. 

I'm grateful for having such wonderful sewing friends. In the video you see me wearing my own versions and three others, made by a friend living close. She was so enthusiastic about it that she made three in a row :).  Lucky me that I could wear them for photos as she has a size close to mine. Another friend made a muslin and informed me that the fit was spot on. The instructions are being proof read and cheering along the way made me get this far. 

Waiting for a few more test results, then the pattern will be published officially!

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Debut skirt - coming soon

In my post last week I mentioned I am working on a skirt pattern. It's being tested by a couple of friends at the moment and I hope to publish it very soon. Today a few photos of the skirt, which is asymmetrical and has pleats in the right front. In the second photo I wear it with a blouse in the same fabric, making it look like a dress. 

Debut skirt

Debut skirt

Always one of the most difficult things for me, taking photos. As you can see we had a little fun too :).

Debut skirt
Seeing on the photos that there's a little wrinkle under the arm. Pity.

Debut skirt

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 Thank you for the comments, how sweet to know I’ve been missed😘. It means a lot!

Let me show you a project I made this year ( doing a bit of catching up).

It was inspired by a photo I saw online and I just had to make it. What helped too was that I bought a set of tube turners shortly before and could practise using them. 
First I made a lot of fabric tubes, then I braided them onto the layer underneath and used the whole set in an Ottobre pattern with a raglan sleeve.

It’s been too hot here recently to wear this top, but it already was a favorite in spring. 

Monday, August 22, 2022

Come back

 Hi, it’s been a very long time since I posted on this blog. Perhaps no one is ever checking in again any more? I do understand and still I want to give it a try.

I have been sewing in the past years and at the moment I’m mostly showing my work on Instagram. However, there’s been a bit of silence there too because I have been working hard on a new challenge. I have drafted a pattern for a skirt and plan to publish it very soon. Below a few teaser photos. The pattern will be avalaible in two versions. One version is drafted for regular sizes, the other version will be for the so called ‘hourglass’ figure. For this version the waist measurement is smaller than in regular size charts. 

Also it will be available in both English and Dutch. It feels unreal, exciting and scary at the same time, can you imagine?

I do not plan to use my blog solely for my own pattern😊, but in the next few days I will share a few more details. Let me know what you think!