Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sewing for my daughter

About two weeks ago my daughter asked me whether I had any special plans for this weekend and on my answer that I had nothing planned she asked me whether I liked to have a sewing weekend. She wanted to sew together, so that she would get back in the groove of sewing and could get a little help. What does a mother say to such a request? For me it's a very rhetorical question. Of course I would like that. So that's what we did this weekend, sewing together. We even found time for some baking. Confess that my DH was a little neglected this weekend 😉. 
The tally is 5 tops and one pair of trousers altered! Easy patterns, most of them used before, all but one using the same colour thread which reduced time needed for changing thread on three machines (sewing machine, overlocker and coverstitch). I made her a couple of tops (after 50 years of sewing I can sew pretty fast if I want to, usually take my time though) and my daughter traced and made one top on her own. 

First is a top with layers from Ottobre 2/2014 with layers at the front. Rolled hems on the layer pieces.This was the most important piece as it is needed in two weeks time for a wedding she'll attend, but not difficult. 

Number two and three: t-shirts. On the left an Ottobre pattern I used before but changed a bit for the look she wanted this time (a bit wider, short sleeves a bit wider too than the original version). On the right the Bobbie pattern by Jalie, for which I made a curve to the armholes and added a cuff. Based on a photo of a shirt she liked.

Shirt 4 is the same Ottobre pattern, but then in original width of body and sleeves:

Last but not least the top my daughter made completely by herself, using a Burda pattern:

I'm proud of her doing this on her own. She asked a few things, but I only had to confirm that her way of thinking or doing something was correct. 

Finishing off with one sewing detail I'm pretty chuffed about: a v-neck topstitching done on my coverstitch. 

Needless to say my daughter went home happy. It was a lovely weekend, today the weather was especially good for sewing (cold and grey where I live). Back to work and household chores now. And of course thinking about the next project for myself! I already got a dress finished I want to show you, so stay tuned!