Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knip skirt finished

Two weeks ago I posted a picture from the Octobre Knip with a great skirt and I had to make it. In my wardrobe plan it takes the place of the other Knip skirt I intended to make. This is the result. I tried to make the pictures clearer, but the lines simply won't show.

I like the skirt, but not the fabric I used. It wrinkles very easily, so I'm going to make it in a better quality soon. A full review I'll post on PatternReview.

And yesterday I went shopping with a friend in the lovely old city of Leiden: great fun but what did I find: jeans that FIT! Very dark blue jeans, I don't have to alter anything and can wear it without a belt if I want to. That is a rare find for me, I can tell you that there's nothing so frustrating for me as trying skirts or pants, if they fit in the hip area, there's a huge amount of space in the waist.
Gone is the need to try to make my own jeans very soon. Out is the McCall jeans pattern for the moment. Will make it some time, but not now.

Other things I'm working on:
  1. The wintercoat. Yesterday two books I ordered were finally delivered, from which I hoped to learn more ways to make bound buttonholes (and a lot of other things too, a post on the books later). I did once do those buttonholes, but years ago. Now I have 3 different instructions to make them, and I'm figuring out which way works best for me. I'll let you know.
  2. A lingerie set, in which I'm exploring a few new things, also to be continued later.
  3. A top/jacket for my DD. She wanted a short jacket, which is so in fashion here now. She saw 90 Euro jacket in a shop, that we're trying to copy. Burda 09-2007-106 is the starting point. It needs to be shorter and DD wants a few pleats in the front. So this is the altered pattern piece for the front.


  1. Your skirt looks much better than the photo you posted! I think it would look interesting done in either a light or dark fabric with a high contrast top stitching. That way the piecing (which can be tedious!) shows.

    Lucky find for you on the jeans. I have the same problem with jeans and trousers! If they fit my thighs, the waist is at least 4 to 6" too big! Add to that a slight sway back, and a short inseam and you have major fit issues! Patterns are the same. The Big 4 and Patrones are like that for me, I haven't tried Burda yet, but it's on the list of things to try.

    That Burda jacket is on my list of potential projects - it's very cute. Please post a finished picture - I'd like to see one made up.

  2. Wow, I don't know about the fabric, but the skirt is gorgeous!

  3. That skirt is gorgeous. Based on your photo I just bought the magazine. The fit is beautiful.

  4. The skirt is fantastic. Perfect for fall.

    I hear you on the jeans. I have the same problem as Summerset. I found one pair last week but they were $157 USD. Another pair yesterday were $80, but gaped badly at the back.

    I need to make my own.

    Those jackets are huge here too. With bound buttonholes...


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