Monday, September 17, 2007

A Knip top

Some of you may already seen my review on PR, but DD wants to learn sewing. I love that these skills are passed from mother to daugther. My grandmother sewed a little, my mother a bit more, and I can't seem to stop, so where does that lead my DD in the future?
Though it does not always work, my sister can't even sew a new seam in a pair of RTW pants, she just never was interested and still couldn't care less about sewing. Am I lucky with my daugther.

Besides that, DD is trying to knit. That's something I've given up on a long time ago. I can do it, and even knitted complex patterns, but after a serious RSI problem 10 years ago I stopped, and don't feel like starting again.
But it is very nice to see how the seed of love for fabrics, yarns and patterns grows (but primarily in the female line).


  1. Oh, you should definitely be a proud mother!
    My grandmother is a seamstress (couldn't help me very much, she lives far away from me), my mother used to sew as a hobby.
    My sister sews too even if she's not so passionate about it. She does it because she needs to (she's very small and she doesn't like children clothes)
    So, I guess it is a love that goes from one generation to another...

  2. Very nice top, I am getting my girls sewing these holidays. I got them a 'cool' pattern and they are excited already. See how it actually pans out before I get too happy. :)