Monday, May 21, 2012

Some easy projects

A collection of pictures to update what I made in the past weeks. As I said in a previous post, I haven’t sewn as much in such a short time in months (over a year?) Work in progress now is a tan pair of trousers, in a color that is in the print of these tops, making more combiantions possible.


Ottobre t-shirt with Jalie cardigan



Feeling a bit more comfortable (colors, I’m so boring in my preferences) in this combination with the blue sorbetto top of last year and a rtw off-white jeans.


Not completely ignoring the trend for bold, bright colors in a red pair of trousers. A copy of a copy of a rtw pair I had years ago. The original tan copy lasted me for years and were worn till it came apart. This fabric still is a bit crisp and needs a few wearings/washings to hang like the previous one did.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out of my usual color scheme

The absence of spring/summer weather in the past weeks must have had its effect on me. When I was in a shop for a few notions only, I came out with this fabric. Not my usual color scheme, not my usual print. I seldom use flower prints. And yet, it’s a very nice quality, thin cotton which was easy to sew and I made it up in only a few hours. Sometimes it’s nice to make something totally different.

Magazine picture and line drawing. The patterns is no. 114 from the April 2010 issue.
I omitted the pocket and back detail. Of course the picture isn’t showing all details clearly. When reading the instructions for the cuff width, I was surprised that they had a finished with of 8 cm. Too wide for what I wanted, so I made the cuff only 4 cm wide and lengthened the sleeve with 4 cm. On the top I used a size 40, tapering down to size 42 at bust level for the front only. No real fba, but worked like a charm. This pattern definitely is my new tnt for a basic blouse.

A few detail shots of collar and sleeve slit. I cut the collar in one piece, as described in this post.
The sleeve slit was made as described in this post.

The pattern has a double yoke, I didn’t follow Burda’s instructions how to construct this, a neat way to do this is described in this post by Summerset, and I used the instructions as found in the book Easy guide to sewing blouses by Conny Long.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vogue 1223 – a summer dress

I finished the summer dress, I took out the extra width in the side seams only and it was quite good that way. Though I’m not that crazy about the pattern, even if the size would have been good in the first place.

On the right side there are long pleats that give shape to the bodice and extra space to the skirt. The pleats are there on the left front panel too, but only stitched partially.  The instructions are for sewing from the bottom and top till the large squares.


It gave a strange effect and I closed the whole pleat, which in the end would have meant the left front could have been a piece without folds.

On the picture on the envelope you can see the pleats, but I only noticed them while constructing this pattern.

The neckline is deep, also visible on the envelope, for me this is a dress now that I can't wear easily without something underneath. Not a good feature for a summer dress like this. My photographer (aka as dear daughter) took pictures with a lot of space around me, so I had to take crop quite a bit. Hence the not so large pictures. You’ll get the idea.

Other garments have been sewn in the meantime too! I’ve been productive for the first time in months. Stay tuned.