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Eye candy

Today the new Marfy 2010 catalogue was in my mailbox. What a pleasure to browse this catalogue. The design details are so special. There is a wide variety of patterns. The most recent Vogue collection had very few patterns for styles that I would actually wear. I’m just not a dress-person.Marfy certainly has a lot of dresses too, but also other patterns that are suited for a more casual lifestyle. And otherwise there are little details that give inspiration to use on other garments. A few examples (not necessary suited for me).ETA: this catalogue has almost 200 pages, with at least one pattern on each page. And like Nancy says in the comments: Marfy has gorgeous coats patterns.
Meli88a: I think anyone can order from the Marfy site. I can order most through the Dutch, and assume they will not have all patterns in stock, and order from Marfy too.
This skirt reminds me of the skirt in the december issue of burda, the pleat is deeper and has buttons, and like the illustr…

Lengthening Burda pattern

It’s been a busy start in the new year, I can hardly believe it’s the last week of January already. I’ve been working long hours and my mind was occupied almost completely by programming code. On very short breaks I browsed the sewing blogs a bit, but mostly didn’t take the time to comment. But I really enjoyed reading all, it’s such a diversity of projects and inspiration. With the finishing of a really important and time consuming work project, I hope there will be a bit more sewing time in the coming weeks. I almost felt my brain making space for sewing inspiration. After three months of sewing knits and pants, it’s time for a bit of a challenge. Tonight I cut and altered the pattern for the Burda jacket from the December issue. I’m making a muslin first and made the following changes to the pattern:Traced size 40 in the shoulders, tapered to 42 for the front only. So the back will remain a size 40 in the upper half. 
The sleeves were adapted too for this: front sleeve tapered down…

Jalie 2919 cardigan

Uninspired and sewing anyhow. It’s a bit of a contradiction, I know. Yesterday I looked at my fabrics and concluded I had nothing I wanted to sew. Sounds silly but I found out what is “wrong” with me: I’m longing for spring and am tired of winter fabrics and the default grey/black/blue that’s a large part of the fabrics I have. The weather has been very cold here for a long time, grey days without sun. Brr, I’ve had enough of it.I even went to a fabric store to see whether they had some inspiring new fabrics, but no luck. There was one table with spring fabrics, but all with flower prints. Not too fond of those. In my collection was also the print I now used for the Jalie 2919 top. Bought some time ago and soon regretted, as it was too much print. This afternoon I decided to stop lingering and make the cardigan top to test the pattern. The worst that could happen was I wouldn’t like the result. It’s not that bad, though it won’t be a favorite top because of the print. It’s a nice long…

Not so quick after all

The last steps on my pants took more time than I  thought. As you might know I’m pretty obsessed by matching stripes, the waistband included. Cutting, basting and sewing together took a lot of time. The result I like very much in the details, the fit in the back could be better again. This fluid, beautiful quality wool has a different effect on drape than the black pants I made recently. Without further ado, a lot of pictures. Matching stripes on the inside was not intended, and hand sewing (the lining to the fly) is not my strongest point. A small zigzag stitch on the pocket, the pocket is a bit wide and this prevents gaping.The waistband, cut on the fold like in my last pants.Side viewInside with liningAnother picture of the waistbandHemming with the blind-stitch footWearing i, at this moment the hem was pinned to check the length and the button not yet attached.Next project? No idea yet.

A quick project

There is very little sewing time for me at the moment. The new year started hectic again with work, which is not too bad. As I’m self-employed there always are periods with a lot of work and periods with less. And I’m happy that in this difficult time my business is doing well. As a consequence of all I do have business appointments more often, and I need a few more outfits for those occasions. Not too formal, but dressier than just jeans and top. So: no serious sewing time but in need of new clothes, especially pants. I’ve been intending to make more pants, had bought all I needed for at least 3 and then the sewing mojo left me somewhere in December. It’s still not back, I’m uninspired and looking at my fabrics doesn’t even help. But finding a good fitting pair of pants in rtw is practically impossible, that’s why I started a pair of  pants yesterday evening.Tomorrow the waistband will be added and then only the hemming has to be done. A relative quick project for which I used the sa…

Threads magazine archive

I see this dvd as a sort of birthday present. My birthday is in February, but I still had some money from last year that I didn’t spend, as I wanted to do something special with it. This was what I bought (thanks mum):It’s the Threads archives, containing all Threads magazines from 1985 till the last issue of 2009. It arrived yesterday and of course I had to install it almost right away and take a look at the contents and possibilities. Installation was easy, first time I started the program it gave an error message, but haven’t had that one again and it works without any problems. WOW, what information! All of the magazines is there, all pages, including the advertisements. I’ve not yet read whole articles in depth, but already know this was worth the investment. Funny to see that on the early issues there are no internet addresses. Time flies, I can’t think of life without internet any more. I tried the Search option and it’s very fast. Type “Chanel” as word you’re searching for and…

Happy new year

I wish you all a very happy new year, may 2010 bring you what you wish it will.Above picture is from the London Eye, taken by my son. We were in London on New Years Eve , together with my sister and her family and watched the fireworks. We had a really good view, and the fireworks were spectacular. For us it was the first time we spent the “old and new” as we call it not at home or with friends. It was fun for this once, but no next time for us. I didn’t do any sewing in the past two weeks and have no firm plans for this year. I’ll be taking sewing/pattern drafting lessons from February to improve my skills.Further I would like to be sewing more garments that go together well. My feeling is that I do have too little of that. I’ve been buying a lot of fabric recently and don’t even know where to start with sewing. Below a picture for 7 fabrics that are to be 3 bottoms and 4 tops. This time a lot of grey in the fabrics. There is no jacket planned in this series, as I find that I always…