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Too much ease

I apologize to those of you who would like to see the knock-off for the jacket. It’s not happening now. Thought the contest might be a good stimulus to make it in April.
After the muslin wasn’t quite right I gave up. I just have to get to terms with myself that this is not the kind of sewing I can do now. On Friday night I pulled out a pattern for a summer dress: Vogue 1223Recently I went to the Amsterdam market with my friend Valerie and bought some wonderful fabrics at good prices. For this dress I’m using a print that doesn’t do the design much justice. The muslin fabric I have was not a lot cheaper, so I just went to make it without making a muslin, hoping to make a “wearable muslin”.I cut out size 16, the smallest size in the envelope I bought. My bust measurement is exactly the measurement in their size chart for the size 16, and I counted on the pleats in the skirt to give me enough space for my wider hips. That last part is OK, but the bust….. way too large.The shoulder and…

New fabrics and book

I did make the body of the jacket muslin this weekend, but it’s not what I wanted it to be. Not sure either whether it's going to happen before the end of the month (end of contest date), too much going on in work and life. And it’s April 18 already. Too little time I guess for a too complicated project.
What's better than buying some sewing related things when you're not too happy? Browsing the internet and ending up in a great store with lingerie/swimwear fabrics and books:

I couldn’t help myself and bought some swimwear fabric and part two of the bra makers manual. Will be my bed time reading.
This is my last haul (very fast delivered too, ordered only on Thursday and arrived today.)

I always say that lingerie sewing is addictive. It certainly is for me. I’m longing to start lingerie sewing again….

the way to a muslin

I mentioned before that I entered the RTW contest at Pattern Review. I plan to make my version of this jacket. The neckline was what attracted me in the pattern, and Lauriana was right in her comment that it’s not very difficult to copy, as the lapel collar will be attached to the facing. The pattern has some other nice details, as curved lines at the shoulders. I started trying to make a pattern. I made this jacket from the August 2000 issue of Burda before and it’s one of my favorites to wear. Unfortunately I had thrown away the pattern, so I have to start completely from scratch. First I read my old blog posts to see what I had altered. FBA and taking in on the shoulders. So that’s what I did first again. Then I started to incorporate the style of the new jacket I’m planning. This was not easy. But in the end I think I’m almost there. When I made the pictures for this post and put the detail picture of the rtw jacket beside it, I already saw that the curved line isn’t the same widt…

4th top – vogue 7876

The last of the 4 tops is Vogue 7876, view B with sleeves.I made size 16 based on bust measurement and the indicated measurement on the pattern. I should have used the 14 (or even 12) in the shoulders and a fabric with more drape. This is a nice cotton and the result is nice, but could have been better. In real life it certainly needs a cami underneath for modesty.Detail of the closureThe back feels short. And Nancy, I must try taking up the shoulder a bit (as you said in your comment on my previous blouse). Same wrinkle here.Now there is a pair of pants waiting to be finished and I’ve entered the RTW contest on Pattern Review. Want to make a muslin of the jacket I’ve shown earlier in the coming week.

Pattern markings

In the latest Threads issue is an interview with Sandra Betzina. One of the questions is what sewing advice she can give the readers. The answer: “Transfer the pattern markings to your fabric. I see people shortutting that, and it causes problems later”. I could relate to that, only the evening before I read this I had sewn a collar wrong because of the missing markings. I was pinning the collar to the blouse and was wondering how I could have so much excess fabric:I hadn’t marked the notch and even had sewn the collar on the wrong side!! Topstitched and all and I hadn’t noticed. Says something of the state of mind?The error could be corrected, I had a bit of fabric left and cut a new collar. The pattern is from the Ottobre 2/2006, pattern number 4. This is a wearable muslin. I used a remnant piece of fabric from another blouse I made. Next time I will make the shoulders a bit smaller. There’s also too much space in the front armhole. A problem I have often with sleeveless garments. O…

Neckline on my t-shirts

Trena asked for pictures of the inside of the neckline of my t-shirts. Here they are. You can see the serged edge and the stitching line.And in the back the point where the seam of the neckband is. Baking soda asked for instructions on how I did this. As I basically followed the instructions from the book (with only a difference in when attaching the end of the neckband together) I will not write a tutorial here, as I’m afraid that will violate copyright.

2 Ottobre t-shirts

A rant to start with: why can't some things stay basically the same when a system is updated. First my BlackBerry phone completely changed after an update with different layout, ringtones, menu items etc. And today I opened Picasa to upload my pictures, it updated automatically and the Upload button had disappeared!!! Now I can share in Google??? I just want to upload my pictures as I've done for a few years now, is that too much to ask? Well, after searching for a while  I uploaded from the web album itself. Just takes too much time when I wanted to write a simple, quick post. Rant over. Some weeks ago I cut out 4 tops, that all required white thread. Though it’s taken me a bit longer to finish them, they were easy projects. First I made 2 Ottobre t-shirts. Not the most creative work ;)I’ve used the pattern before and I like it.  Using fabric with circle patterns is always a bit tricky, I couln’t but end up with one at center bust point. There are so many circles that it do…


I’ve done a little bit of easy sewing projects in the past weeks. I didn’t have energy to do anything complicated. Hope to show some finished pictures of 4 (!) spring tops this week, pictures still have to be taken.  The energy is returning a bit, at least I’m inspired to sew the jacket with the neckline I’ve shown you in the Pattern Review RTW contest that’s running this month. Would be nice to be able to do that.

I’d like to thank Lori for giving me the Versatile blogger award. I’ve been an irregular blogger in the past year and don’t read/comment as much on other blogs as I used to do. I’m honored but hope you don’t mind if I don’t tell 7 things you don’t know about me and don’t pass it along right now.

Back to sewing: think I mentioned I made the Jenny blouse (StyleArc) again and did some pattern alterations. The white version I made in November does not have perfect fit, but I’ve worn it very, very often already, mainly under jackets or cardigans. It’s a great basic.

The pictu…