Friday, February 25, 2011


Thank you so much for your congratulations and kind comments on my last post. Lucky there were quite a few people to help me eat the cakes, otherwise I would certainly not have fit in my clothes anymore ;)

Katharine, the green fruit are grapes (in halves), not olives. 

Though I haven’t posted very regularly lately, I’ve seen quite a few new names in the comments on my last posts: thank you for reading and leaving a comment.  I’m a very irregular blog reader and commenter myself at the moment, I’m sure I’ll be back on track sometime, but not right now.

The last weeks I’ve sewn a few tops, which were none of them very difficult, but took me ages to do the last finishing touches. This time pictures on the dressform only.


A tunic from Knip Mode November 2010. A very sheer fabric, must be worn with a camisole underneath. Don’t remember when I last used a thin, slippery fabric like this, but it went well. The cuffs and neckband are interfaced with Pam’s Pro sheer elegance, a wonderful interfacing for this type of fabric. I’ll wear the tunic with a belt.





Next Simplicity 2603 (the wrap cardigan pattern, a top is included too), a simple basic.

Another basic and new pattern company for me: Christine Jonson V-neck tee no. 714. I loved the versions I had seen in blogland and in reviews. It has a little similarity with Jalie 2682, but I love that is has no horizontal line under the bust like the Jalie pattern. The shoulder seam is a bit too far to the back for me, so that I’ll have to adjust when I make it again, which I certainly will do, the neckline is wonderful.


The last item is a co-production with my daughter. The pattern is from Knip mode February. She likes it very much, I’m not so enthousiastic about the “pockets” in the side seam. They basically are just an outward corner on the side seam, turned to the inside. Could have been drafted better. Daughter happy, so it’s fine with me.



And last picture in this picture-heavy post: detail from the pants I’m working on. Not sure whether these will fit. As the fabric was as cheap as muslin fabric is, I just went ahead and thought that if it wouldn’t be ok, only a little time would be lost, no expensive fabric. By now I know there is some tweeking to be done, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Over two weeks since my last post, quite a long time. I have been sewing a bit but have not written about it, nor made construction pictures. The first week I was busy organizing a small birthday party. Normally I just keep my birthday very quiet, but this time (the milestone of 50 was reached!) I thought it a good occasion to invite family and friends. Which was very nice to do and see and talk to everyone. A bit of baking was involved:

DSC_0275 DSC_0276 DSC_0277 DSC_0278 DSC_0279

No, not much time for sewing when all these things have to be made. I like baking though, and my dh told me it was allright if I did this, but that we would order the savouries and salads for later in the afternoon. He was very right about that.

Well, on the sewing side: I’ve been sewing this set:


As usual, all the fabric and notions are from Kantje boord in Amsterdam. Don’t you love the shoulder strap embellishment?


There are some other projects I’m working on, I’ll show them when they’re ready. A tunic which only needs cuff buttons, a shirt with only a hem to be done… this weekend probably.

AND: I’m updating the tutorials blog. A very slow affair. I’m checking the links and try to add new links to tutorials.Something to be done in little steps.  Robin had the nice idea of a button in her sidebar to refer to the tutorials site. After a little experimenting you can see the result in her and my sidebar, and since yesterday also on Nicole’s blog. If you want to link to it too: feel free to do so. If you know a tutorial that is worth adding: let me know.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plans for spring

I’ve read it on several other blogs from sewista’s in the northern hemisphere too: I’m soooo tired of winter. We don’t have snow anymore, but it’s cold, the days are often grey and cloudy. I do notice that the days are getting longer, it’s always such a pleasure to notice that.
Right now I’m working on a lingerie set, but mentally I’m preparing for spring sewing. Time to dive into my closet with fabrics and see what I have to start with. Quite enough, don’t you think? I’m not committing to not buying fabric, as that is a commitment I’ll certainly break (especially as a Pattern Review gathering is planned in Brussels in April. A visit to the Antwerpen fabric market is part of the plan!).
There are more plans than time probably, but I’d like to start with two capsule plans for the moment. The first one is in light colors: top left will be a Chanel style jacket, to the right is a beautiful cotton with a woven stripe that’s hardly to be seen in the picture. It will be a blouse, just like the silk below it, which I bought in New York last August.
Bottom left is an ivory fabric that will be a pair of pants. The plan should be extended and should probably include a few simple knit tops and another bottom.

The next plan is very different in color. More bottoms than tops at the moment: the brown top center is heavy bottom weight cotton. I’ll probably try another style of pants with these, there were so many nice ideas in the Knip Modes of past months. Bottom left is a linen/silk blend for a pair of pants, bottom right a  linen that will be a skirt. Top right a knit fabric for a t-shirt and top left a more or less sheer fabric for a tunic. Probably a tunic from Knip Mode, think it was in the issue of September.
Other patterns still to be decided upon, it was just nice to get out the fabrics and see that I had quite a bit to get started for spring. My own impression from my fabric closet is always that I have too many dark fabrics and it surprised me to find enough fabrics for two plans that are not mainly black or have to be worn with black.

ETA: you were all right about the last project: nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's what happens.
And Shams asked whether there is a source for old Knip Modes. Alas, the online shops that sell Knip Mode usually only have issues till a few months back. The September 2008 issue is not to be found anymore. There is a local site (I assume that Craigs list is something similar) where people sell their stuff and regularly older items are sold. But it's only in Dutch.