Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chanel window shopping

Last week in Cannes I saw quite a lot of designer shops. I didn't take pictures from all shop windows, but did for the Chanel shop, as I'm about to make a Chanel style jacket. I'm not brave enough just to go into the shop and see what's there (garments with price tags up to 5000 euro are very far from what I can spend), but I took some pictures from the shop window. Hope you like to see them too.

IMG_6115 IMG_6117

IMG_6116 IMG_6123

IMG_6122 IMG_6120

Back home

After three weeks that is a good feeling. We had a wonderful holiday in which we drove from the Black Forest in Germany to Northern France to meet a cousin of my husband and her family, who started a camping site there. Then we travelled south to the Ard├Ęche and the last week we were in the very south of France, near Cannes. Most of the time it was a more active holiday: canoing, climbing trees and slinging down from them, walking and swimming.

I did take my sewing machine, but didn't get a lot done. It was very, very warm and I didn't feel like sewing much. But I did set up my sewing machine one or two times, doesn't this look like a perfect sewing setup?

This was the garden in the last house we rented, near Cannes. At home I would never bother to take my sewing machine outside, but here it was gorgeous to do that. The iron and board were in the house, I didn't take those with me!

It was a lovely house, and we even had internet access there (my husband took his laptop), so I was able to catch up a bit from there.

These were waiting for me at home, I'll write more on my additions to my sewing library later.

Hope you all are fine and starting your sewing for the new season. For me I'm looking forward to fall sewing. First I'm going to finish my dress/jacket combination. The jacket will probably more of a Chanel-jacket. I've joined the Chanel sew along (see sidebar) and think JoanneM was right in her comment on the fabric, that it is perfect for a Chanel-style jacket. To be continued...

Monday, August 3, 2009

August silence

A little note to let you know that this is my last post till September. This week there are a lot of wrap-up things to do, and next weekend we're going on holiday. Probably I'll take my sewing machine with me, doesn't that sound good? Combining family holiday and some sewing. No laptop or work though. Ideal.

Bye for now, till September.