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One of the few tnt patterns I have: the Sewy Rebecca bra with some adaptions for my fit and comfort. I’ve shown quite a few versions on this blog already and this is the last addition to the lingerie drawer:

No pictures this time to show it when i’t’s worn. Too much hassle (time) editing the pictures. Perhaps I should try to find a dressform to show bra’s. You’ll get the idea anyhow.
The lace was a very kind gift from Pauline. Once again thank you! She made a set with this lace too, which you can see here.
My variation on my pattern was to use the lace in the back and to use thin straps for the last part of the shoulderband.

The black lycra is from Kantje Boord, shoulderstraps, elastic and hook/eye closure are from Merckwaerdigh, a Dutch Ebay store. The owner is very helpful. I was looking for black picot elastic and she didn’t have anything on the site at the time. I wrote to her and she was very helpful in sending pictures of what she had available.  Very nice indeed and I could st…

Jeans finished

Last Tuesday I got my machine back and started working on the jeans. The extra width I cut into the sideseams was unnecessary, the little stretch of the denim fabric made quite a difference compared to the muslin. When trying the muslin, I was very surprised I had no back gaposis, like many had written about and which is always a problem with my figure in rtw as well. But when I tried on this just before the waistband was attached, there was too much extra space. So I ended up changing a bit in the back yoke.
The extra wrinkle above the knee disappeared when I had given the extra space in the sice seam, the upper part of the leg was too narrow for me. Perhaps I could have taken a bit of space at the upper thigh? Perhaps in another version.
I won’t add another PR review for this, there are so many reviews already and I’ve nothing new to add, it’s a great pattern.  I followed the very good instructions for the most part, will offset the zipper a bit more next time (it’s a bit close t…

Perhaps a bit boring project

At least, perhaps boring for my blog readers. But not for me. After two weeks of a lot of other things to do and no sewing mojo (I did a lot of other fun things) I was inspired by the internet sewing community again. I’m about to sew the very famous Jalie jeans. Many, many bloggers have made this already, there are also 130 (!) reviews on Pattern Review for this pattern so I have nothing new to add. But I never made it.Sewing jeans was a bit down on my “to sew” list. After seeing Nancy K’s muslins and ArtAttack’s review on PR this week, the jeans were back on top of the list. I have almost all that I need for it, even had cut the muslin more than a year ago (a muslin as a UFO!), so yesterday evening I finally did sew the muslin. Before I did that, I compared the traced pattern with the pattern I traced off a rtw pair that I like, and to my surprise it was not too far off, considering the pattern has 1 cm seam allowances (the paper is the Jalie pattern, the traced plastic sheet the cop…