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2011 almost gone

DVN skirt

The skirt inspired by a Dries van Nooten skirt is still a work in progress. I did some sewing in the past weeks, made two muslins and a knit top and a cardigan. I’ll show them later, they’re not very special and I didn’t find the time to blog.

In real life the faux leather doesn’t have as much shine as the picture suggests, but  I’m thinking of unpicking it and make it with another fabric. I’ll give it some thought, have the skirt hanging in my sewing room and just not sure what to do. Doesn’t matter, I’ll do a few other things before finishing this.

One and a half week ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Pauline in The Hague. She was the one who inspired me to sew the lace twinset. This is her blog: P’s thrifty sewing blog. It was a real pleasure, we had a lovely chat, a lot sewing related of course. She showed me some wonderful things she made herself and took with her on her travels. Her own lace twinset among them. Thank you Pauline for a lovely evening, hope we’ll meet again…

Thank you

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last posts on the lace twinset, the blouse en the fabric for the skirt. It’s good to have my mojo back and I had hoped to make the skirt this weekend, but I’m having a terrible cold and stayed in bed for quite a while today. After a shower and dressing I do feel a bit better, but not clear enough in my head to sew. Hope the cold will go away quickly.A few answers/reactions on the comments: Kathererine H, thank you for your ideas about fitting the blouse, I will use the ideas on my next verson. Karin wondered about postage and the time the Style Arc pattern took to arrive: the postage was 25 Australian dollars for 3 patterns. I ordered them on a Sunday and arrived on the Thursday one and a half week later. Postage is something a supplier can’t do anything about, but it’s quite expensive.Belinda, thank you for your observation on the issue of the sleeve. It’s something I must think about, it might very well be that is an issue.And I agree with …

Dries van Nooten inspired skirt

One of the goals of fabric shopping at the fabric market last week was to find fabric for the Dries van Nooten inspired skirt. I wanted something with either black or navy. Brown is not in my wardrobe any more. Of course I couldn’t find the exact fabric, or even fabric that came close. What I did find was a bouclé fabric in red with black, a plain red and a structured black fabric. Today I found the fourth fabric. The pattern will not be difficult, the base is a pencil skirt, plenty of those in my stash or in Knip or Burda magazines. The combination of the fabric is the more important issue. Some variations below. The top part will be the boucle in red and black, the variation is in the other 3 fabrics. The plain red must nog be too loud in my opinion, therefor I think that either the first or the last picture gives the best impression for me.From the structured black I bought enough to make something to go with the skirt, though I own a black jacket that will probably work as well.

Style Arc – Jenny blouse

The Australian pattern company Style Arc gets a lot of (mostly positive) attention lately on blogs and reviews on Pattern review. Of course I couldn’t resist and ordered two patterns and got one free. The shipment arrived last Thursday, and you can tell the sewing bug hit me again, as this has been finished on Sunday!The Jenny blouse is a classic blouse with darts in front and back, collar with stand and cuffs with a sleeve placket. Some features of the Style Arc patterns:Patterns are in one size only. For this blouse no problem for me, but might be more challenging in the pair of trousers I’m planning to make.There are no detailed sewing instructions for every step, but a sewing order is given.
For this pattern detailed instructions were included for collar with stand (good) and the sleeve tab/placket (couldn’t understand it at all, I tried on a scrap, gave up and used David Page Coffin’s placket from his book shirt making). The instructions are on the site too (heading Tutorial…

Lace sorbetto top + cardigan on me

To complete the posts about the lace twinset knock off, the pictures of the top and cardigan on me. Chilly but sunny weather made it possible to have some outdoor pictures, thought it’s still difficult to git the right impression. To really knock this off I should have used some long pearl necklaces, but I don’t have any, neither did my daughter, so it still looks a bit plain. Next time I go shopping I will try to find something to go with it.I’m really in the mood again, next project almost ready… stay tuned.

Sewing related weekend

Past weekend I’ve spent in wonderful company. Almost all of the ladies present at the PR Europe meeting in Brussels from April this year met again past weekend in The Netherlands. We even met two new ladies, Lauriana and Lilian (not in the picture). On Saturday we started at the Gemeente museum in The Hague. Marta, Sheila, Valerie, Lauriana, Hilde, Joana, Valerie (from OZ), Clare, Samira, Margaret.Currently in the museum is the exhibition Fashion and Art, which was very nice to visit. Afterwards we went to Amsterdam, where we had wanted to visit the bag museum, but had just too little time after a lunch and very quick visit to Kantje Boord, but Amsterdam is nice to explore. Some pictures from the exhibition, where you are allowed to take them as long as you don't use flash light. The zipper is under the black center part.These sleevecaps reminded us of the Burda dress that was on the cover last year (September 2010?)After dinner at my friend Valerie’s house we did an ugly-fabric s…

So much to tell

I’ve done a lot of sewing (related) things in the past week, enough for a few posts. I”ll start with the real sewing bit: I did finish the lace twinset. And the cardigan was such an easy piece. I cut it at 8.45 pm this evening and finished it only an hour later! OK, I used the Jalie cardigan pattern that was ready to use, so no need to trace. But from cutting to finished project in an hour is pretty fast, while I thought I might be more difficult due to the special, open fabric.In my previous post you can see the inspiration pictures.This is the finished top. I’ll try to get pictures of me wearing it, but at the moment it’s difficult to have daylight pictures, which is what this needs. This is a picture heavey post anyhow.For the top I used the sorbetto pattern that I also made before. I used the same blue silk as the top in this post, but now as an under layer. I used the layer of lace and silk as one after pinning them together. I basted the darts before sewing them: For the interfa…

Plans – or how do I get back to sewing?

My own feeling on my sewing in this year is that it didn’t make for a lot of new, wearable garments. I declared a lot as wadders, or have long periods of sewing very little. I said it before, it’s the way it is, the way life is. But I would very much like to have my old enthousiasm back, trying new things, new patterns, new techniques, try to knock off a garment etc. I thought it might be a good idea to make a little plan, to get really started again (and don’t hold me up to it, it’s very subject to change ;))The plan:new tops, knits and woven(I need some brighter colors in my winter wardrobe, the amount of black tops is huge),. On the list are definitely this top from the latest Ottobre woman magazine

and this one, the Jenny shirt from StyleArc. I only ordered the pattern yesterday, a new pattern company to try! As it must make its way from Australia to Europe, think it will take at least a week to get here.

A lace top, inspired by this post from pdiddly. I will combine a…

A different wrap

The October issue of Knip Mode showed a nice variation on the wrap top or t-shirt with a twist. As I needed something not too complicated after my jacket, I did sew this last weekend. And still have no pictures of me wearing it!Look at the neckline on the two pictures, a bit strange to have this from the same pattern don’t you think? The left neckline is much higher than the right one. The line drawing, more representing the idea of the blue version than the pink one.There are “step by step”  instructions in the magazine. To me they were not clear! For a start the pictures are too unclear to really see what is being done, and having used a printed fabric doesn’t help much either. I do prefer the instructions they had before, with drawings. If using pictures, they should have used a plain fabric. I tried to follow the instructions, and made a hem on the wrong part of the neckline, so  in the end just did what I think was best. It’s a muslin more or less, wearable but could have been be…