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Wire shapes

I’ve completed another bra, which I will share with you when I have my issues with Picasa webalbums solved. There were changes in the interface and now the “insert link” to photos is missing. I’m certainly not computer-illiterate, but this has cost me more than an hour this afternoon and I’ve given up for now.
You won’t see the difference with the above photo though, but I like to organize my photos in specific albums before publishing.
Back to sewing related information: I’ve shared this information in the lingerie sew-along I had in 2009 and thought it might be good to share here, with all the interest in bra sewing now.
What you see is the wire-size page from Beverly Johnson’s book  the bra making manual. These are the most common shapes in wires, not only from her shop. (I’m talking wires for a ‘normal’ bra, not push-up or strapless, they have a different type of wire).
The length I need is the same length as her size 38 wires. But for me this shape is no good at all. I do hav…

New winner

Sarah hasn’t claimed her lace, so I did a new draw. The cream lace will go to Dilliander. Please send me your address and I will send the lace to you.

Just a note

Just a note for Sarah Leeming. Could you please send your address to me so that I can send you the lace that you "won" last week.

If I haven't heard from you by the beginning of next week, I'll do the draw for the cream lace again.

Thank you.

The winners are

What a lovely responses to the lace give away. I decided to do add a mystery lace to the drawing and did a draw in three groups: those who favored the cream lace, the black one and those who didn’t express a preference (most of you). And to those who didn’t ‘win’  this time: I will repeat this at the end of the month. Sort of celebrating (almost) six years of blogging and sharing sewing and sewing friendships.The draw resulted in the following:the cream lace is for Sarah Leemingthe black for Helenethe ?? for KnitmachinequeenLadies, please send an email to isedl at yahoo dot com with your address, I will send the lace to you this week. And to answer a few questions: I don’t often have trouble with the lace seeing through my garments. That said I must say that I usually don’t wear my tops very tight fitting. Color is more often a problem showing through than the lace structure. It also depends on the “height”  of the embroidered lace. And Knitmachinequeen: I have had my problems with fi…

Lingerie sewing month

I’ve finally found a way to make photos of the bra’s that show them a bit better, without showing them on me. In this post I share the last two I made. Sewing lingerie is really very popular on the blogs right now, with Amy’s recent bra sew along and Melissa’s lingerie week. Both Amy and Melissa have created patterns (Rosy lady’s shorts and a lacy thong) and share them as pdf file on their blog. How generous! I will try the lady’s short soon, a thong I find uncomfortable so I’ll pass on that one, but if you like them, you know where to find a pattern.
My lingerie sewing will last a bit longer than this week, I’m about to cut another set.
This bra is Merckwaerdigh BHS 10. I used a lace with a little bit of stretch, the side/back panel is has lycra underneath, the cups are unlined. What you see is a foam cup under the cups.

And here the bra from the lace that is in the give away. This is a first experiment for me with a more transparant finishing in the side panel. I’ve used a tule with…

Some lace to give away

Through several circumstances beyond my control I didn’t manage the deadline for the One pattern, Many looks contest. I had hoped to be just in time with the last blouse I had started and have shown the collar in my last post, but it didn’t work out (again). It’s still unfinished but I plan to finish it soon. In the meantime I used a few spare moments to sew a lingerie set. The colors of the photos I took were mostly horrible through the artificial light, so I will take new photos in daylight.
A sneak peak of the bra. A lovely off-white color with some lilac accents. After sewing this bra and two panties to match, I still have some lace left. I’ll be giving it away! It’s 2 x 40 cm lace (left and right side) with a bit of stretch, a piece of about 50x50 cm of the all over lace fabric, a piece of the shoulder strap embellishment and a bow. It would be enough for a bra and a bit for a panty to match, depending how you would use the lace.
And that’s not all, I have 2 meters of the black/…