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Wardrobe contest?

English Nederlands

One of the items cut last weekend, the pants of BWOF March 2006 are finished. I've written a review that you can find here.
It was a lesson of reading instructions before starting.

As those of you who are following my blog for some time know, I'm pretty intrigued by the SWAP plan. Earlier I decided not to enter the Timmel swap, mainly because of the wardrobe pattern component of that.

I'm considering doing the wardrobe contest on Pattern Review which starts tomorrow.

The contest on PR has basically the following rules (complete rules can be found here):
Make a wardrobe of 10 items :
- 4 bottoms
- 4 tops
- 1 jacket or dress
- 1 accessory

Yesterday evening I was trying to make a storyboard with the patterns, mainly BWOF and Jalie.

I didn't like the result of it. It was a nice enough plan, but no challenge.
And a contest must be a bit of a challenge for those who participate (imho), and my plan just wasn't for me.
As my lifestyle is mostly asking for casual clot…

BWOF 01-2008-106 (1)

English Nederlands

This will be the next blouse from the BWOF January issue, it's for my daughter. I traced a 38 for her, which I trust will be fine. She only gave a veto to the small collar, so I changed that to conventional collar/stand proportions.

This post is mainly to describe how I did the pleats. The instructions tell you to make the pleats first in a piece of fabric, and then cut the front pattern part from that. And that's what I did. A bit out of the ordinary was my way of marking the pleats.

1. I marked them with a tracing wheel, with a fleece fabric underneat, so that the markings were clear, but you don't have to wash out any markings or take out basting stitches.

2. I folded on the markings thus made, pinned and sewed the pleats on a 5 mm distance, as per the BWOF instructions.

3. Pressed, ready to cut the pattern. And that's what I will do tonight.

Other news: I found the fabric for the knock-off jacket.

And I've bought my first fabric for spring. I'…

Done a lot

English Nederlands

This was a weekend I did a lot, not only sewing, but let's restrict it to that. Yesterday evening a lot of preparing work was done, I cut:
Wrap top January BWOF againPants from an older issue of BWOFMuslin for jacket no. 104 of January BWOFMuslin for knock-off jacket (also a BWOF pattern)And traced and cut pattern for another blouse of the January issue.
Can you tell that I love BWOF and this January issue especially? More about that later.

Today I did some work on the Knip Mode-jeans for my daughter, not really a favorite project.
I just don't like sewing jeans. This is a high waist version. A lot of details still have to be added in the waist area.

Further I made the wrap top again. Some time ago I ordered the fabric (a mesh knit) from EmmaOneSock and when it arrived I found the print really nice. But it's very sheer and it has more stretch than other mesh knits I've worked with. So I was long in doubt what to make of it. Then Summerset wrote about her …

Bra tutorial / camisole made

English Nederlands

This is a camisole I made yesterday evening. The lycra I bought quite some time ago, the beautiful lace is a gift from Laura. I also used it near the hemline.

The (updated and edited) bra tutorial I posted last summer on my blog, is now a pdf-file too. You can find it here.Dit hemdje heb ik gisteravond gemaakt, de lycra had ik nog liggen, het kant heb ik een tijdje geleden van Laura gekregen. Ook bij de zoom heb ik het gebruikt.

Vorig jaar heb ik het maken van een bh op mijn blog beschreven. Een aangepaste (Engelse) versie heb ik nu als pdf-bestand gemaakt. Dat kun je hier vinden.

Storyboard in Powerpoint

No sewing this week, hopefully this weekend there will be more of that, I have a lot of plans. First the jeans for DD (she has come to the conclusion that she lacks time and skills to do that). And after that, so many plans that I can't decide what to start first.

As a result of a question asked on Pattern Review, I offered to make a tutorial "how to make a storyboard in Powerpoint". I made that last week (for Windows computers, apologies Mac users), and it can be found as pdf-file here.
Powerpoint is not a tool with which you can change a lot of things at the pictures/images you use, but a basic storyboard with a picture like this is very well possible.

Further I'm almost finished editing my bra making tutorial as a pdf-file (in which I now see that the hook/eye closing had been totally omitted in my blog version, how stupid is that).

And.... I've changed the look of my blog. What do you think of it?

Q/A: NancyK asked which fabric I'm going to use for the knock-o…

Belt for knock off jacket / Riem voor "namaak" jasje

English Nederlands

To my surprise I already found the "fabric" for the belt for the knock-off jacket I wrote about this weekend. Yesterday I went to a local market where a man has a stand with a bit of notions. Also he had some belts, and there I saw this one.

The closing has a bit of rust on it, but as I only was interested in the material this belt is made of, this was no problem. So I even got a discount. Tonight I'm going through all magazines I have to find a basic pattern.Voor het jasje dat ik ga namaken heb ik materiaal voor een riem nodig. Ik dacht dat het moeilijk zou zijn dat te vinden, maar gisteren op de markt vond ik wat ik nodig had.

Een brede riem als basismateriaal. De sluiting was een beetje roestig, en ik kreeg daarom ook nog korting. Vanavond door alle tijdschriften bladeren om een basispatroon te vinden.

McCalls 5529

English Nederlands
As I was not in the mood for muslins or other difficult sewing this weekend, I made something easy: this is the top I sewed this weekend, quick and very easy. It's a bit large, I think I could have done with a size 12 instead of the 14 I used. But it's quite comfortable to wear, and with the belt it gives a little extra emphasis on my waist, which is not bad.
The belt was a find in the January sale, and I was very happy to find it for only 40% of the original price. I had seen this belt two months ago, and almost couldn't resist buying it, but restrained myself because of the price (80 euro/115 US dollars). So, at 32 euro still not a cheap belt, but sometimes you must treat yourself to something, isn't it?
Geen moeilijke projecten dit weekend, ik was in de stemming voor een makkelijk en snel te maken project: dit shirt/vestje is het geworden. Ik heb een maat 14 gemaakt, maar 12 zou waarschijnlijk iets beter geweest zijn. Het zit heerlijk comfortabel, e…

A contest / Een wedstrijd

English Nederlands
For the first time ever in my life, I've entered a contest. Till February 29 there is a Ready to wear/Designer knock off contest on Pattern Review. And I promised my daughter to knock something off for her.
This is the jacket (from Roberto Rodrigues, the name is not familiar to me, should it?) she would like. Not too difficult, I hope/think I can find a basic pattern for a jacket like this in one of my BWOF or Knip issues. Problem is more to find the right fabric, especially for the belt/bow. The contest gives me the motivation to really do it. It really is great and inspirational to see what other's are planning to make.
Voor de eerste keer in m'n leven ga ik aan een wedstrijd meedoen. Tot 29 februari is er een wedstrijd om iets uit een "Ready to wear" collectie of van een ontwerper na te maken. En ik heb m'n dochter beloofd om iets voor haar na te maken. Het jasje op de foto dus. De ontwerper is Roberto Rodrigues, een naam die me niets…

Finished / Klaar 01-2008-125

English Nederlands
The blouse is finished, and I'm very happy with it. Though I will have to think about wearing it when needing a coat for a long time, because of the linen the sleeve will wrinkle easily. Matter of experience I guess.
Setting in the sleeves was easy, but I didn't manage a French seam there. It's the only place I used my serger.
A complete serie of magazine pictures and blouse on me you can find here.

And what's next? Muslins probably, and my daughters jeans (she wants to work on this together, and she didn't have a lot of time due to all schoolwork).
De bloes is af, en ik ben er erg blij mee. Een beetje uitkijken met een jas, want het linnen kreukelt natuurlijk snel. Ervaring zal het leren.
Het inzetten van de mouwen ging probleemloos, maar ik heb er geen Engelse naad van gemaakt. Dit is de enige keer bij deze bloes dat ik de overlocker gebruikt heb.
Foto's uit de Burda en meer foto's van mijzelf met deze bloes kun je vinden op: here.

Wat is…

Collar with stand - tutorial / Kraag met staander - uitleg

English Nederlands

As promised I've written a tutorial for a collar with stand, in the way it is described in David Page Coffin's book Shirt making. The main difference in construction from all methods I've seen is that you first attach the stand, and then the collar.
As it's become a very picture-heavy tutorial (more than 20 pictures), I made a pdf file for this that you can use. You can find the file here.
I will also try to upload the pictures to a public album, so that these can be viewed. It just takes to much time to upload it all to blogger again.

De kraag met staander op mijn bloes heb ik gemaakt met behulp van het boek Shirt Making van David Page Coffin. Het belangrijkste verschil met andere methoden is dat je de staander eerst aanzet, en daarna pas de kraag.
Deze methode heb ik uitgelegd in een pdf-bestand, dat je hier kunt vinden. Ik zal proberen de foto's ook in een openbaar webalbum te plaatsen, zodat je ze beter kunt zien. Het kost me gewoon teveel tijd …


English Nederlands

The sleeves are in the blouse, so it was time to try it on. It was not pressed well in this stage, but important is to see that I have to take out some space from the front darts at hip height, and the button placement on the cuffs needs attention. On my left arm the cuff is pinned as in the pattern. Obviously too large for me, as it hangs over my hand. The right cuff I pinned a bit tighter on the bottom, and the drape of the sleeve is much better. As my wrists are very narrow, I think I could have done with a size 36 for the cuffs.
De mouwen zitten in de blouse, tijd om te passen. Weliswaar nog niet goed geperst, maar goed om te zien hoe het valt.
Ik wil de coupenaden in het voorpand wat uitnemen en de knopen op de manchet een beetje verplaatsen ten opzichte van het patroon. De linkermanchet is gespeld zoals aangegeven op het patroon, maar is duidelijk te groot, want de mouw hangt over m'n hand. Bij de rechtermouw heb ik de onderkant nauwer afgespeld, and dan ha…

Blouse not finished yet / Bloes nog niet af

English Nederlands

This was a very busy weekend, but not with sewing. Yesterday we had a "new years dinner" with friends from my student days in our house. This has become a tradition which we always do at the second Saturday of the new year, and this year was our 26th time! Everyone makes part of the dinner, and we take a lot of trouble to make our own part special. For me it was making the dessert, my husband took care of wine/water and other drinks.
Not sewing, but this is a picture of my dessert. A "dessert tower" with raspberry sauce.

Tonight I managed to work on my blouse though, and the collar is on, and the result is fine I think. (I know I promised to write a tutorial, but not tonight. But it's not forgotten!)
Also the sleeves are ready to be sewn into the blouse.
It all takes a bit more time, as all seams are French seams. It gives the whole a very neatly finished look, also from the inside (only I ever notice, but I like finishing a blouse like this with…