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Origami blouse

Just a picture from my origami work at my blouse.

Wardrobe contest (4) - Second top

English Nederlands

This weekend I sewed above top, it's a Jalie top (2449) that I've sewn a couple of times already. TNT, from cutting to finishing only 1.5 hours. That was about all the time I had.
I decided that not all my tops must be special, and this graphic tulip print I bought last year from EmmaOneSock is just right in my black and white plan. But it requires a pattern without much details. So a simple addition to the plan, compensating for the amount of time the origami placket is taking.
Speaking about origami, it must be in the air. Have you seen Berry's beautiful shirt? I can now understand how much time there must be in that neckline!

Dit weekend een eenvoudige top gemaakt: Jalie 2449. Ik heb dit patroon al een paar maal gebruikt, dus snel opnieuw te doen. Anderhalf uur van knippen tot een afgerond geheel. Meer tijd had ik ook niet.
Niet alle shirts in m'n 'wardrobe' plan worden speciaal. Deze stof die ik vorig jaar bij EmmaOneSock heb gekocht past pri…

Wardrobe contest (3) - colors

English Nederlands

These are the fabrics that I intend to use for my wardrobe. The fabric on the right will be a dress. As said in my previous post, very basic colors, that can be used with other colors too. The white t-shirt with twisted neckline is the first garment that will be part of the plan.
I'll probably change my original pattern ideas (who doesn't do that in a plan like this?).
The white blouse intended for the folded placket is cut, and I hope to do something on that this weekend. More on that next week.
The t-shirt on my plan with ruffled neckline I still intend to make, but from a plain dark red knit fabric, that is not in this plan (but can be combined with it easily).

Talking about combinations: that's why my wardrobe has such basic colors.
What about this combination? Black and white with a green jacket?

Inspired by these garments in the March issue of Knip Mode.

Combinations with the tan color.

And the last one, the fabric with dots intendes for a simple t-shi…

Wardrobe contest (2)

English Nederlands

I've decided on my wardrobe colors. Nothing spectacular, it will be black, white and beige. Very basic colors that will form a nice basic wardrobe for me. With these basic colors it will be possible to add other colors, without having to make a whole new plan around that new color.
Needless to say that these 3 colors have also a lot of possibilities for clothes I already have.

Currently I'm working on a few tests for my wardrobe. Yesterday evening I made a muslin for the variation with the twist-top. The Diana Furstenberg blouse, pictured on the right of the storyboard. It was no success. The neckline/stand was good, but the position of the twist was not. I made two fronts, and it's very difficult to decide how to change it.

Then I did some folding to see how to make the details in above blouse. I didn't make an exact copy, just the square part.
Here the result and I've decided that this variation is definitely something to add to a blouse for my w…


English Nederlands

Thank you all for your kind comments (here or on Pattern Review) on my knock-off jacket. And it's so nice to read it's inspiring to some of you, because I'm certainly inspired by a lot of you too!
My daughter went to a friend yesterday whit her new jacket on, she's very happy with it.

After such a difficult project it was time for a TNT, and what else could that be after my disaster last week then a lingerie set, as I have hardly any light colours left. I didn't get much more done than one panty. It was such a lovely sunny, almost spring day here that we spent today for a long walk. I was so sorry I forgot my camera, as it was beautiful weather to take pictures.

Parting shot: spring is coming in my garden.

Allereerst wil ik iedereen bedanken voor de aardige reacties, zowel hier als op Pattern Review. Het is leuk om te lezen dat het anderen inspireert, ik wordt zelf ook zeer geïnspireerd door velen van jullie.
M'n dochter ging gisteren naar een vri…

knock-off jacket (4) - Finished, a review

English Nederlands

Normally I don't copy a complete review on my blog, but I make an exception this time, to show it with all comparing pictures in one post. I only adapted the text on minor points compared to the review on PR.

Full picture of the original garment

With permission from my daughter a picture of her with the finished jacket.

Picture of my finished copy

Back of jacket

Original cuff and my version

Original lapel and my version

The knock-off contest really inspired me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time: copy a more difficult RTW garment. Untill now I only made minor changes to a pattern to change the look of it. The time frame for the contest was something I apparently needed to really do it now (there are always other patterns I want to try without much variation needed).

As this contest came on I let my daughter pick out something to knock off for her. This is the jacket she came up with. I'm so happy with the fact that you can enlarge pictures on a lot o…