Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fabric shopping

It’s been one of those weeks: busy with no time for sewing or blogging. Last weekend after the dress failure I sewed this very simple skirt. It’s a StyleArc pattern but it’s not special. The freebie at the time of ordering and just fine. The fabric I bought at the Utrecht fabric market two weeks ago. I visited the market with Hilde, one of the ladies of our little international sewing group. Such fun to do this together, it was a lovely day (I was even recognized while drinking coffee by another visitor from the market as the lady who’s showing bra sewing on the internet, such a surprise. Thanks for saying hello Trudy). Most probably I will wear this skirt with a black top, but the red might also be a combination.

Most of the other fabric I bought:

The bottom one was intended for the Vogue dress, it will get another destination at some point. And SewingZoe: my last muslin did not have a lot of stretch. You are right that the pattern is only intended for 4 way stretch fabrics, but a) I didn’t have such a fabric for a muslin any more and b) I didn’t want negative ease. It’s not flattering on me, especially in the skirt area.

Most of these fabrics will have to wait a bit, as I’m away for 12 days. I will be taking my sewing machine, but not my serger so the knit fabrics won’t be sewn till I’m back. I’m taking these fabrics and I intend to make a mini-wardrobe from them for the PR contest. 3 of the 4 fabrics are memories of shopping with sewing friends, which makes it extra special.

The left one was bought with Pauline and Clare in the UK last year, the top one on the right with Nancy K three years ago (it’s silk, I’ve used it for a lining already and this is just enough for a sorbetto or similar top. And the bottom right was also bought on the Utrecht market with Hilde.

A detail of this last fabric. It will be the most basic pencil skirt pattern you can think of. The fabric doesn’t need a lot of pattern details. I found Petersham ribbon in a notions store in Utrecht! I’ll use that for the waistband.

I’ll be off to France tomorrow, just a quiet, rural area. Lots of walking, markets, villages perhaps a bit of sight seeing in Dijon or Beaune. Exactly what I need.