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Visit to the UK and a sneak peek of what I’m working on

Hello my dear readers. The winterblues are over, though according to the weather here in the Netherlands it will never be summer. I’m feeling I should be out in my garden now, instead I’m inside and took a cardigan from the closet to keep warm. Well, we can’t change the weather, but as so many people here I’m longing for some sunshine and warmth. As you may have read in my previous post I’ve been spending a week in the UK, of which the most important event was Pauline’s wedding of course, but before and after that day we made it a short holiday with a lot of walks and beautiful scenery. We were reasonably lucky: it was mostly rather cold, but we only had heavy rain on our last day of walking and travelling home.An impression: Constable country near DedhamBluebell seasonThe South Downs, beautiful views from the hills:And another meeting, this time we met Clare and her husband for dinner. I’ve met Clare quite a few times now (PR weekends of Paris and Brussels, several meetings after thi…

Not my work

But wanted to share the beautiful dress of Pauline, who married yesterday and I was proud and honored to be invited. Look at Pauline’s blog for more photos. In the past months she made all the bridesmaids dresses and her own dress. Quite an achievement and didn’t she look gorgeous?This next picture was taken by my husband a little prior to the official photographer taking photos. Next to me is Vivien, another sewing friend of both Pauline and me. It was so nice to see her again as well. Mentioning to a few other guests that we were sewing friends brought the subject on the ‘great british sewing bee’  program which a lot of people had seen though they were not sewing themselves. Ann’s achievements in the program got a lot of praise.My dress was made by me a few years ago. This time I found shoes in the exact color. The photos show the dress in more blue tones than it really is, it’s an emerald green silk.My husband and I are enjoying another few days in the UK, doing some sight seeing …