Saturday, September 15, 2007

Burda 09-2007-115: difficult

On Friday I hoped to have enough time to sew a new Burda pants this weekend. But it does not alway go as you want. First I have a presentation on Monday morning of a program I'm making for a new customer, and yesterday afternoon a part of this did not stand the test at a second computer here (did I ever tell you we have four in our house (which is also my office)!). This meant working today, instead of a lot of other things, one of which was sewing.
But fortunately, the problem was solved this afternoon, so I'm confident that the presentation will work out well and I could clear my head and think of other things.

Tonight I managed making a tiny part of Burda 09-2007-115 pants, which I like for the special pocket. I sewed one pocket in an evening! It's a difficult construction, and the way they tell you to do it is probably right, but without pictures it was difficult to make sense of it. I did everything wrong and ripped every seam at least once. Then when I made the buttonhole, that went wrong too, after the first on a scrap of fabric was perfect! Just not my lucky weekend I guess.

Will try to make pictures of the construction when I make my second pocket, which might be helpful for others who want to make this pants.


  1. I *do* want to make these pants. Photos when you have a chance would be wonderful.

  2. I have definitely had days like this! I think this style of pant would work for me, so I 'll be interested to see how they turn out.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words. These are fabulous pants. I think I'll watch how you figure it out before I tackle anything like this!


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