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A tutorial and some info on patterns/notions

While Pauline was here this weekend she started filming the steps of making a bra for her own reference (and I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing a preview of her second one). Unfortunately she had some problems with the phone she worked with after the second movie. In the first one the sound is not so good, so I like to share this one: a “tutorial” on topstitching the cup of a bra with an edgestitch foot. I wanted to make some changes but my skills were not (yet) up to that. Strange to hear myself and talking in English as well. Hope that it helps a few of you who venture or have ventured into bra-making. Barbara asked for reference to bra patterns and regularly I have the question of where I do get my fabric and notions. So here’s an overview of stores I’ve used. Being European based and with a store like Kantje-boord at reasonable driving distance I’m not familiar with any non-European vendors. Feel free to add information in the comments. For the German sites: if you are lookin…

Meeting other sewing-enthusiasts

After spending a lovely time a week ago with Valerie and Sheila in Zeeland, this weekend was another one filled with meeting other sewing enthusiastic ladies. Pauline (from P’s thrifty sewing blog) was in The Hague for work and came on Friday afternoon to stay with me. We had a lovely time chatting and sewing. Pauline wanted to make a bra and as I made a few before, I did help her a bit.

This is Pauline working at the bra.

After a few hours the bra was finished. We found out that my tnt bra pattern fitted Pauline, she only had to widen the back a bit, so we used that pattern (Sewy Rebecca). She used a kit she bought before with a few additions from my stash.
I’m sure she’ll be making more bra’s in the future. I always warn that lingerie making is addictive!

The Sunday we met with 3 of the ladies who were also in Brussels and the November meeting last year.

Marta, Joana, me, Pauline and Hilde. Of course we all wore garments we made ourselves. Take a look at the most recent creation …

Red set

One of the projects I worked on last week. Started and finished in one day with time to spare in the evening. And did you know that you don’t see red when wearing a white garment? My friend Valerie hadn’t heard of this. I showed it with a white t-shirt which was not very thick and she was convinced immediately. It didn’t show through!
Detail pictures first. The inside

When worn it looks an all lace bra in the front, but it isn’t. The lace has virtually no stretch, so a band that has some stretch is needed.

The side/back panel is interfaced with powernet, to give it the stability I like and need.

The finished set. The fit is perfect, though talking with Valerie who sews lingerie too  made me change the pattern slightly for the next one, to get my straps a bit more to the center. I’m quite used to this placement, but will try to see and feel the difference.

Matching panty, I made two, excactly the same. Not a lot of lace left to play with. 

The pattern for the bra is the Sewy Rebecca,…

Sewing friends

I spent most of last week in the holiday home of my friend Valerie, who was there most of the time as well. On Friday night we were joined by Sheila from Brussels. It was the most agreeable week and weekend. We went (snoop) shopping, visited a rose garden,  I went for a lovely bicycle ride to the town of Domburg. It’s been such fun. Of course some sewing was done too.Can you imagine what a house looks like when 3 sewing ladies occupy it? It’s a mess in no time. Paper, scissors, pins, fabric, patterns…. everywhere. I confess a lot of it was mine.An impression, with only 2 machines on the table at that time. Sheila looking at which stitch to use? Look at the lovely pin cushion on her arm, she embroidered it herself. I did achieve quite a bit:Make a new set of lingerie, completely finished! This is exceptional, as I usually sew my panties much later and the bra doesn’t get worn in weeks or months ;). Hemmed my tan linen trousers, made a buttonhole and attached the button. A ufo finished …

Patrones top

What do you do when it’s pouring with rain and the wind is blowing like it’s deep fall? Sew a summer top! Two years ago (already that long ago??) I made this Patrones top and posted in this post.The pattern is made for a woven fabric, cut on the bias. I bought a knit fabric this spring (Amsterdam fabric market on Monday again) for a summer dress. Thought I might have enough fabric for a sleeveless summer dress and a top. I love cowl neck tops and remembered this pattern. Tried it with this as the result. I had to take it in on the sides and perhaps took a bit too much out the back. My fabric is thin and has a lot of stretch. The bias cut woven top was just right, but in a knit less ease was necessary. What a difference a fabric makes. I couldn't cut the back on the fold, there is a seam there. Nothing to worry about. The dress is cut out as well, hope to make that this weekend. This top was a one-hour project. It brigthened my mind a bit (which was necessary too). The colors in th…