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Black and white are my colors

It’s not often that I’m really, really happy with something I made. Usually I do find something not to be 100 percent pleased with, even if I don’t mention it when publishing about it. This time I’m very pleased with the result. Again it’s the black and white theme. How much I try, I always come back to black and white, with some grey and red added to the favorite colors. When fabric shopping with friends it’s obvious, they will see a fabric and say “that’s Sigrid fabric”. I made the base of the dress in the sewing weeking early November and I only had to make the facings and lining. That took me 3 weeks…. Excuse the bad hairday, but here are the pictures of a very comfortable dress.The dress is made from a remnant piece bought at Jersey fashion. That’s where I bought the fabric from the skirt in the previous post too. Very nice quality, stable but also with stretch. I lined it with a stretch lining and did not use a zipper. The black strips are not made with regular piping. These are…

Vogue 1440 jacket - the easy way

I bought the Vogue 1440 pattern mainly for the blouse. I was intrigued by the style and even made it, though it never made it to the blog. Kay (the sewing lawyer) wrote about it and I have the same feelings on the shirt pattern as she has. I never thought about making the jacket initially, as it’s construction with piping, trim on both sides and fringes didn’t appeal to me. Too much hassle for a jacket I was not sure I would like on myself. Two weeks ago I was on my annual sewing weekend with 9 sewing friends again, and this time I really wanted to make something not too complicated and have something to show for it after the (long) weekend, that is: have some finished garments. I did succeed, made a skirt and the Vogue jacket and the outer shell of a dress. The jacket was brought to my attention a little before the event and I considered making it in a black felted wool in my stash. And doing it like this made it soooo easy. Finished in only a couple of hours, from cutting to final p…