Sunday, July 29, 2007


Did I tell you that sewing lingerie is an addiction? It is for me, and on the lingerie sewing classes I have had most women did have the same feeling. A lot of them stopped sewing clothes, but were sewing lingerie all the time. As you can see from my blog the last is not the case with me, I do sew a lot of other things, and I can say now that more then half of my wardrobe is made by myself.

So I'm addicted to sewing in general, but have to give up for a few weeks, as holidays are starting and there will be no space in our car for my sewing machine. Time to read, walk, swim, visit local markets and do all other holiday things.

To part a few pictures from the lingerie sets I made in between the last weeks (which answers Carolyn's question just posted whether I'll make more). The first bra is the one I used for my tutorial on making bra's, the other is from another made to measure pattern.
Both panties are really old TNT patterns, also drafted to my own measurements on a lingerie course. These I made yesterday and today, really easy to make your own, matching a bra.

Bye for now, will be back end of August.

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