Friday, July 27, 2007

Sewy bra Rebecca finished

The Rebecca bra is (as good as finished), and the fit is great. I'm amazed, as for the Linda bra I made earlier I had to change so much when making it a second time. But this one is right the first time!
It's not perfect with the folds it has. As mentioned in my review on PR too, I believe this is caused by the lycra I used, which has a lot of stretch.

A few details on construction:

Measuring the elastic: I used 20% decrease on the length of the elastic, because of the stretch of my lycra, and prior experience/preference. The pattern mentioned 5% or 10%. In the picture below you can see that I write the original seam length, the percentage decrease and the final elastic length on the pattern. Easy for using again.

Side panel: there is a seam in the side panel, This seam could easily be used to add boning, to give the bra extra strength. You see this in RTW bra's, but it is not included in the instructions for this bra.

Shoulder straps
: the instructions add the shoulderstraps early in the construction process. This could surely be done, but I did it my way, and it was the last thing I did.
I sewed the shoulder strap to the cup with a straigh stitch (right sides together), then opened the seam and topstitched on both sides.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing! I am always in awe of people who make their own bras and panties. Are you going to make more?