Saturday, July 14, 2007

Old magazines

Reorganizing a few bookshelves today I found a couple of old fashion pattern magazines. I certainly knew that I had a few left, but they were not very near. Some are from the 60's, very small and mostly black and white, a few Burda's and Neue Mode from the early 70's. These must have belonged to my mother or grandmother, as I am from 1961 and did not buy those magazines. From the 80's I have Burda's and Knip Mode magazines, from which I remember a few patterns that I made.

Let me share a few pictures:

From the sixties

From the seventies (doesn't that halter dress look familiar?)


  1. Are the patterns included in the magazines? Because a few of the patterns in the 60s magazines are definitely back in...the Jackie O look doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

  2. So, I think I like every single one of those. How very cool.

  3. Carolyn, patterns are included with the magazines, but not all I think, some had to be ordered. I might try one some time.