Sunday, July 22, 2007

Done a lot

Pff, that was a weekend of sewing a lot. An appointment with friends to go away on a boat today was postponed to next weekend, because of the bad weather. Some excuse for sewing. I got a lot of things done. First finished my Burda blouse, the review is on PR.
Then I finished the other Burda top that was waiting on the return of my serger, made changes to pants for my sister (who can not sew), made a modesty panel to the top of DD after all, and sewed together with DD a very easy knit dress from the latest Knip Mode. It's black and difficult to take pictures of, and she is not in a photographing mood, so no pictures.

Then finally I made in two hours the new Jalie twist top. Great pattern! A review is here. In the review I've included the changes I made for a D-cup. I'll make a post on that later here in


  1. Again, you've used stripes and color in the most beautiful way!fqfthguk