Thursday, July 19, 2007

Burda 08-2005-119

Yesterday I called myself to a halt. All those new patterns were in my head (do you have that too when you buy new patterns?), and I wanted to start right away with new patterns and fabrics. But there are a few unfinished projects and I really must finish these first, because otherwise they will be either unfinished or hang around my sewing room for too long, so that I'm bored by the pattern/fabric before I get a chance to wear it.

One of the projects to finish is the striped blouse. This is Burda pattern 08-2005-119.

In the magazine picture it seems very low cut, but tissue fitting the front made me think it was ok. Yesterday evening I finished the front and back, and though it is not very high, it is fine with me. Tonight I'll be going to my sewing class, making a swimsuit, so hope to finish this project this weekend.


  1. is your second striped shirt top that I've just loved! Good luck with the swimsuit class.

  2. What a unique collar! I love the stripes. I've really been enjoying reading your blog as a new sewist, so thanks!


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