Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have quite a few new patterns that I have bougt the last week from various sources:
  1. Ottobre Woman magazines 2006 and 2007, mainly because of the great t-shirts that were reviewed on PR by Sew-4-fun and Debbie Cook.
  2. Jalie 2788, the twist top. Want to make this one work with FBA. Difficult I guess, but must be possible.
  3. McCall's 5142, jeans. This was the pattern advised for the online jeans class on PR. I decided to try this pattern first, and will take the class later if needed. Never made jeans for myself, and want to give it a try.
  4. The Marfy pattern that I wrote about earlier this week
  5. Last: the Sewy Rebecca pattern, a bra pattern for non-stretch lace.
A lot of these will be projects for fall, which to me now sounds far away, but July is already halfway, and in August I'll be on holiday. And as I wrote earlier, my sewing time is a bit restricted at the moment.

But: I traced the Rebecca pattern last night. I think it is a great pattern for the bigger sizes. It is designed for a non stretch lace, and reading the (German) instructions it says that the cups can be made completely of non-stretch fabric.
The pattern is a bit difficult to trace, as it comes on red paper. Obviously because of copyright reasons, but it makes it difficult to see the right size in the many lines.

After some irritation on this point, I decided to copy the pattern, draw the pattern pieces I need with a colored crayon and then trace on pattern paper. This worked great.

The width of the side panel is determined by the width of the shoulderstraps. Instructions are included how to adapt the pattern for this. In the picture I changed the upper cup accordingly.

After tracing the pattern pieces I added my default 1 cm seam allowances. And now it's ready to cut from fabric.

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  1. Thank you, Sigrid. I'm making this bra now and the information about the strap/side cup was something I didn't see or understand. I have learned so much and been so inspired by all your Rebecca bra tutorials and posts! Happy sewing to you.