Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stripes :-) or :-(

My serger is not yet repaired, pity, as there are some things I want to finish. And I'm so used to sew or finish clothes with my serger, that I'll wait till it is back.

And as it is more like autumn here in Europe than summer (fierce storms, flooding because of continuous rain and a temperature that makes you think winter is coming), I started with a blouse with long sleeves! It is a beautiful quality cotton with stripes bought online from a German store, Exclusive Stoffe. I certainly like these stripes, but as I'm a bit (too?) precise about cutting stripes, it took me a long time to cut it.

First issue: the stripes are not symmetrical. The pattern did not require pattern pieces on the fold, so I cut the fabric in half, turned and layed them so that the pattern pieces will be symmetrical (just because I liked to, really not necessary).

Second issue: you can not cut the fabric in two layers at once, if you want the stripes to match. I more or less laid the fabric with the same stripes on each other, but know that this never workes over 2 meters of fabric.
I cut the first fabric layer, then re-pin all pattern pieces so that the stripes match and cut the second layer of fabric. It is the moment that I'm always thinking that I should stick to plain fabric, flowers or anything not requiring matching fabric. But I'm uncurable, more stripes in the stash for this autumn!

Now all pattern pieces have to be marked, which again takes extra time with securing the stripes. I'll do that tomorrow, using copier papier as described in an earlier post.
Below two pictures of the process: 1. after cutting the first layer, 2.


  1. This is why I don't have plaid pants. Even though I loooove plaid, double cutting I hate.

  2. Stripes are worth the work! I love your fabric.

    I just did a pair of striped pants and I'm very happy with them. I have many, many striped fabrics to work on. Hmmm better get busy.