Monday, July 16, 2007

Shorts likely to be a wadder

I'm not very lucky making my holiday shorts. Yesterday evening I wanted to make the most part of it, but got stuck in zipper closing.

First I made the fly-front zipper with the Sandra Betzina method, which is very easy. But after topstitching, I saw that the facing was not wide enough, thus the facing was not stitched. Did not check that obviously. And I already had stitched a part of the pocket lining when I sewed a zigzag stitch at the bottom of the topstitching. I just cut it out, this is not a high profile project anyway. No one will see the clip in the pocket seam :-).

But then the construction for the facing waistband . I confess that I thougth that it would be clear how to do this when I was ready for it, as the Burda instructions are totally incomprehensible here. But I got stuck. Just don't understand how it should be constructed.

No luck with these shorts. As this is only a cheap piece of fabric from my stash, I'll find another pattern and throw away this one.
I guess it says something that I did not find a review for these pants/shorts on PR.

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