Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Marfy and Knip

Not much sewing going on at the moment, sometimes I have an odd 15 minutes in the evening. DD has vacation already, while my son is still in school and will be free next week. Children around the house during daytime, in my case means that my work is usually not finished, so I'm finishing work in the evenings. But most of my work is completed, so I hope to find some sewing time again soon.

When shopping with my daughter, we saw the new Knip Mode for August (!), which I do not always buy, because the patterns fit her better than me. This month features dress patterns inspired by celebrity dresses, and being 13 my daughter made me buy it, because she wants at least 1 of those dresses. I'm lucky to have a daughter that still wants to wear home made clothes occasionally. Lucky too because the patterns are simple.

Not simple is the Marfy pattern I ordered with a Dutch internetshop for patterns. It was on sale (at least a bit cheaper) and it is the winter coat I liked so much in their catalogue last year. I'll store the pattern for somewhere in October, and it will be my first Marfy pattern ever!

Anyone suggestions for the fabric to use for the collar and sleeve?


  1. ooh, I just bought the August KnipMode online (finally someone who'll ship it outside the Netherlands!)! It is a fantastic issue this time around, and I've been really happy with the stuff I've made from the Feb-March-April issues from this year. I was more drawn to the sheath dress and kimono jacket on the front cover, though!

  2. Re: the collar and sleeves. It looks like it is either quilted or fur. It surely can't be huge rib knit. They just don't tell you much if anything at all, do they?