Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back home

Last night we arrived back home again. It is a good feeling, though it is two days earlier than planned because of the very bad and cold weather we had last week. Nonetheless we had a good holiday.
Unfortunately I did not see any fabric stores in France, so no new additions to my stash. When I thought of this while we were there, I realised I never saw fabric stores in France, though we've spent a lot of holidays in that country. And I did not see any sewing magazines, except for Burda. So no new inspiration from there.

I'm inspired though by the results of the wardrobe contest on PR, that were presented just before I left on holiday. I looked at my stash of fabrics and concluded that I could make a wardrobe from about 12 fabrics I already have. And that is what I'm planning to do, make a wardrobe from these fabrics.

Also I will take a critical look at my existing wardrobe, as there is a feeling of missing a few important basics (black trousers for example, one of my favorites must be thrown away because it's old which you can see too clearly, another is clearly out of fashion).

So a lot of things to be done on the sewing side of life, and I want to read on PR and blogs what others have been doing these past weeks.


  1. Pretty pretty scenery! What a good idea to do a wardrobe from what you have. I might think about that too!

  2. Glad you made it back home safe and sound! Your new wardrobing plan sounds interesting. Will you show us pictures of the fabrics, pattern choices, etc.?


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