Thursday, September 6, 2007

A (almost) 2 hour top

This is one of the knit fabrics I bought Tuesday. The colors of this fabric go with the bottom colors of my wardrobe plan, and with some other clothes I made earlier. It has a special layer with shine, which makes it a bit more special.
As we have a birthday party this weekend for our daughter who became 14 this week (time flies) I wanted to make a top of this right away, with no questions on fit. After considering the Ottobre tee and consulting DD, I decided on the Jalie wrap top 2449, which I made before and like to wear so much. (My review for this top here).

The top is very quick to make, from cutting to finishing it took me 2 hours. Actually a little bit more, as the topstitching was a problem, with very many skipping stitches. In the end I used a Schmetz stretch needle and tissue paper to cover the fabric. This worked reasonably well, but I lost stretch in the hem. Serging the top was no problem at all with this fabric.

The end result, with two combinations from my closet (the linen pants I wore whole day, thus the wrinkles).


  1. Oh I love the fabric and the resulting top...what pretty and interesting fabric!

  2. That Jalie top is my favorite knit pattern! I copy the armhole and sleeve, plus the shape of the side seams to all my knit tops!
    Yours looks lovely, the print is great and in one of the star colours of this fall!

  3. Ooooh! I love this fabric. It is gorgeous. What a great looking top! Like it with the pants and really looks great with the skirt!


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