Monday, May 7, 2007


Last week was holiday week for my family and me. We had wonderful weather that is very unusual here in May. On returning I found my roses flowering, normally that would be in June! Though I started this blog about sewing, I can't resist placing this picture of one of the most wonderful roses "Abraham Darby" (gardening is another hobby of mine).

For the first time I took my sewing machine with me. And as lingerie are the only items I sew without also using a serger, I made two sets this week. Very happy with those. Here are pictures of my bras.

Both bras were made with the same pattern. For the blue one I changed the pattern so that it is a partial band bra.
I might make a tutorial for that sometime in the near future.


Annika said...

Yes please - make a tutorial on your new bra - I still am not brave enough to try to make a bra for myself!

Belinda said...

Lovely bras!

annette said...

Wonderful bras! Yes, please do a tutorial. I would love to make one!