Monday, May 21, 2007

Designer fabric?

In my post last week I showed two lycra fabrics for lingerie. I thought I saw this fabric used in RTW, but didn't remember exactly. But I do keep leaflets as source for inspiration, and found it. The same fabric is used by the label Marie Jo.
It's exactly the fabric I bought last week. I can't make this cup, but will try to copy the little center detail when making my bra.

And fun to know: buying 1 bra and 1 panty would cost about 90 euro (approx. 120 US dollar).
For lycra and notions I only spent approx. 25 euro ($33). And this is certainly enough for1 bra and 2 panties for myself, and 2 bra's and 4 panties for my daughter. Well, I need time to make them, but that is the fun part for me.

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