Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Making a bra - 1: What do you need

Edited to add: I've made a pdf file for these instructions. You can find it here.

As mentioned when I started this blog, I like to make a tutorial on making a bra. Today I will start with what you need to make a bra.

  1. Lycra (0,5 mtr makes usually one bra and two panties)
  2. Lace, with or without stretch. I usually buy 1,5 to 2 meters, but that is for panties too.
  3. Wire casing
  4. Narrow elastic for the lace in the upper cup
  5. Shoulder strap
  6. Elastic for lingerie (usually decorated with loops)
  7. Tule, only a small part necessary, used behind the tab center front
  8. Hook and eye closing
  9. Strap slides and rings
  10. Decoration for center front and at straps (optional)
  11. Cotton, only needed if you make panties too
  12. Wires (not in photo)
  13. (Fusible) interfacing for cup (also not in photo)
    mainly for larger busts, must stretch a bit. I use special interfacing for lingerie, but could not find it on the internet.
This is a detail of what I call tule. You will only need 10x10 cm. It has no stretch in the width.

And of course you need a pattern. There are several patterns available on the internet. I use my own made to measure pattern and have experience with patterns of Merckwaerdigh (Dutch) and Sewy (German), but can't recommend a pattern in the English language, by lack of experience.
Perhaps others can help with their experience.

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  1. You amaze me with all your lingerie. I really should give it a try some day because I cannot even find my size bra (32DD) anywhere around here and have to order from figleaves.com. I will definitely be saving your tutorials :-)

  2. Glad to hear that you like it. And give it a try sometime. When you have a pattern that fits it is such a good feeling to be able to make your own lingerie. I am a D75 (34D in the conversion table) and it used to be difficult to find a good fitting bra. Now I have no rtw bra's anymore in my drawer. Just look at them for inspiration!

  3. Your tutorial looks very helpful . Photos are beautiful. I have to read it carefully since I 'm getting the virus of bras-making, too. I have made by now two of them and even if they are far from being perfect, they are so much comfortable than the rtw I own! And it's a beautiful piece of garment to construct. The main issue is too find material and fabrics..