Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Skirt finished

My skirt is finished. The invisible zipper and the seam below the zipper took some time, but the result is fine.
I'm not so fond of the finished skirt on myself. After all the fabric would have looked better with a wider pattern. But it was a good experience working with this voile.

How to combine a french seam and invisible zipper?
This was my main concern before I left the project for more than a week.
In the end I did it as follows:
  1. machinebasted the fabric to the lining, to treat it as one layer
  2. inserted the invisible zipper using my special foot for inserting invisible zippers
  3. cut the seam 3 cm below the zipper
  4. made the french seam
  5. manually stitched to close the 3 cm

Pin marks the end of the zipper, first stitching of French seam is done

Finished zipper from the outside

Finished zipper from the inside

1 comment:

  1. Saw your skirt at PR. Lovely fabric. Helpful information for French Seams and invisible zipper. Glad you posted that.