Friday, April 27, 2007

Skirt II

The skirt takes longer than hoped. After locking and assembling all lining pieces I found out that the pattern was not wide enough at the hips and too wide on the waist. And I was convinced I had changed the pattern... So probably not, as the first skirt I made fits well still.
Luckily I cut everything with 5/8"/1,5 cm seams, so I had enough fabric to lay out the skirt at the hips.

After some experimenting on scraps I decided to use a narrow French seam.
I stitched at 1 cm, cut the extra fabric off with my locker (w
ithout treads or needles). I read this tip in Threads sometime ago, and it works smoothly.

Here are two pictures of the French seam, first stitched and cut, the second is the finished seam from the right side of the fabric.

Tonight I sewed all fabric pattern pieces together, but not the seam where the zipper will be. Still thinking how to make that.

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