Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wardrobe contest?

English Nederlands

One of the items cut last weekend, the pants of BWOF March 2006 are finished. I've written a review that you can find here.
It was a lesson of reading instructions before starting.

As those of you who are following my blog for some time know, I'm pretty intrigued by the SWAP plan. Earlier I decided not to enter the Timmel swap, mainly because of the wardrobe pattern component of that.

I'm considering doing the wardrobe contest on Pattern Review which starts tomorrow.

The contest on PR has basically the following rules (complete rules can be found here):
Make a wardrobe of 10 items :
- 4 bottoms
- 4 tops
- 1 jacket or dress
- 1 accessory

Yesterday evening I was trying to make a storyboard with the patterns, mainly BWOF and Jalie.

I didn't like the result of it. It was a nice enough plan, but no challenge.
And a contest must be a bit of a challenge for those who participate (imho), and my plan just wasn't for me.
As my lifestyle is mostly asking for casual clothes, there's no need to sew elaborate dresses, jackets etc.
In skirts and pants there are only a few styles I feel comfortable in, so I must keep those simple and plain.

My personal challenge would be to make 4 original and wearable tops. With original I mean using a pattern as starting point, not only make the pattern as described. More the knock-off idea (copying a RTW garment).
I've browsed my inspiration folder and the internet searching for special tops and blouses.

These are a few of the things I'm considering. Not final, the idea has to settle a couple of days. There are more tops in the picture than I can/want to make in the contest. And I'm still thinking about a colour scheme.

Question: what do you think of this? Do you know inspirational sites to browse for ideas?

The white shirt was shown on the knock-off thread on PR, and I would like to make it, but of course not in that contest, as someone else is doing that.
This morning Christina showed a blouse on her blog with a special closing (thanks Christina, I immediately pasted in my inspiration plan too, hope you don't mind).

Parting shot, browsing I saw this top on the Eluxury site (Dior, $475), doesn't it remind you of a BWOF pattern?

Een verkorte versie in het Nederlands.
De broek uit het maart 2006 nummer van Burda is klaar. Een "review" kun je hier vinden.

Bij Pattern Review wordt een wedstrijd georganiseerd voor het maken van een garderobe die bestaat uit:
- 4 broeken/rokken (hoe vertaal je bottoms in het Nederlands, op naaigebied ben ik Engelstalig zolangzamerhand geloof ik)
- 4 bloeses/topjes
- 1 jasje of jurk
- 1 accessoire
Uiteraard moet dit allemaal bij elkaar passen.

Voor dit soort wedstrijden wordt veel gebruik gemaakt van zogenaamde storyboards, met het patroon, de stof en het nummer van het patroon erbij (er is ook zo'n wedstrijd bij Timmel,neem eens een kijkje op dit forum en dan vooral bij de Storyboards voor het idee van een SWAP = Sewing With A Plan).

Ik denk erover om hieraan mee te doen (de PatterReview variant) en wil het mezelf iets moelijker maken door niet alleen een standaard patroon te volgen. De volgende foto is daar het idee bij. Rokken en broeken kan ik maar in een beperkte hoeveelheid varianten dragen, dus die houd ik heel erg basis.

Reacties?: heel graag, ik vind het ook enorm leuk om iets van Nederlandse lezers te horen (en ook, wordt het gelezen? Voegt het Nederlands iets toe of kan het net zo goed alleen in het Engels? Laat het me weten.)

Tenslotte: deze Dior top (prijs $475) doet erg denken aan een top uit een Burda van vorig jaar.


  1. Yes, that top is absolutely a BWOF pattern. I can't remember right off the top of my head, but it was within one of the fall/winter issues.

    I like to "snoop shop" on Saks Fifth Avenue amd Nordstrom's websites.

  2. I also did not like the one pattern restriction with the Timmel swap and also having to make a purchase (postage is so high). Your idea of making the PR wardrobe a special challenge for yourself is also a good idea. For inspiration I tend to just look at Neiman Marcus but looks like I will need to add the ones Summerset has suggested...

  3. Of course I don't mind!

    I hope you do participate in the SWAP, I'd love to see what you create. I have been thinking of participating too, but I can't decide on a theme, or colors, so we'll see.

  4. That's the kind of contest I'd loke to enter. I'll pass this time but will follow your wardrobe creation attentively.

    Oh and that Dior's top is definitely burda's one or is it the other way around.

  5. It is the Burda top It was just a couple of months ago that it appeared, but this one has more drape. I love the gray blouse. The details are super.
    I like to look at
    and, as well as Neiman Marcus.
    I am entering the timmel swap, and considering the PR swap. But, I am not into sewing accessories, so I am not sure if I will.

  6. Yes that is definitely a BWOF pattern for a top. Good luck on the contest!

  7. I wish you lots of luck with the contest and I think your idea for a personal challenge is quite good! There's room for creativity and a girl can't possibly have too many tops!

  8. It's Burda 115, Nibbles and Bytes made it last year, see here.