Saturday, January 19, 2008

A contest / Een wedstrijd

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For the first time ever in my life, I've entered a contest. Till February 29 there is a Ready to wear/Designer knock off contest on Pattern Review. And I promised my daughter to knock something off for her.
This is the jacket (from Roberto Rodrigues, the name is not familiar to me, should it?) she would like. Not too difficult, I hope/think I can find a basic pattern for a jacket like this in one of my BWOF or Knip issues. Problem is more to find the right fabric, especially for the belt/bow. The contest gives me the motivation to really do it. It really is great and inspirational to see what other's are planning to make.
Voor de eerste keer in m'n leven ga ik aan een wedstrijd meedoen. Tot 29 februari is er een wedstrijd om iets uit een "Ready to wear" collectie of van een ontwerper na te maken. En ik heb m'n dochter beloofd om iets voor haar na te maken. Het jasje op de foto dus. De ontwerper is Roberto Rodrigues, een naam die me niets zegt. De basis kan ik wel in een Knip of Burda vinden, maar de stof (vooral voor de riem/strik) is een groter probleem.
De wedstrijd is een stok achter de deur om het nu eens echt te doen. En het is vreselijk leuk om te zien wat anderen van plan zijn.


  1. I am tempted to join in this contest too. That jacket your daughter chose is really cute.

  2. I really like that jacket. I've joined the contest too, more just so I will stay on track with this project.

  3. I really like that jacket, good luck with the contest.

  4. I wish you the best of luck! That jacket is gorgeous and well worth knocking off!

  5. I haven't heard of the designer either, but the jacket is lovely. I'm sure you'll do a great job knocking it off!

  6. I am also tempted by this contest, but fear I may not have enough time to do it properly - and I don't want to stress over it. Definitely can't afford to add any more stress into my life right now, and certainly not through sewing!

    This jacket is very interesting with all the details and you should have a lot of fun knocking it off! Happy Sunday, and happy sewing!

  7. Great jacket! Good luck in the contest.

  8. Hey I'm in that contest too ;o) I wish you all the luck!
    Your daughter truly has good taste, it's a nice jacket but I never heard that designer's name before either.