Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm so grateful for your positive comments on my skirt. It made me look different at myself, and the pictures posted. My hip size is a life long frustration, which will not go away easily, but you certainly gave a boost to my self confidence.

Today I saw this post on the Sewing Divas, and immediately thougth: hey, that's the BWOF jacket I made. And it is, only made in a far more professional way than I did, but that's just "of course", I'm not a professional sewer, and Paco Peralta is a Spanish designer.
I know about him because of the links Tany posted recently for his blog. Such a pity I don't read Spanish.
It reminded me too that I did not write about it on my blog, only wrote a review on PR.
The jacket is once again a BWOF pattern (I really am fond of BWOF patterns). I made it with the stitch and flip technique in a class in Pattern Review. My pictures you can see here.
Starting this technique I did something wrong, because I not fully understood what to do, that's why the collar has an extra bias binding, it was not meant that way.

I like the technique of flip and stitch, but it requires a TNT pattern, or a muslin first, as you can't change the fit during construction. It's also not suitable if there's a pocket that goes through a seam line. So I like to know this technique, but will certainly not use it always.

No sewing done till now, only traced 3 patterns.
The January BWOF isssue is an issue with a lot of patterns I like. I have traced this jacket, look at the special details at the seam and back.

And blouse no 125 (the blouse with the pleats in the sleeves), with the front of no. 123. The armholes were almost the same, and after tissue fitting I didn't have faith in the pleats of the front of 125, combined with the darts.

Further I traced the McCalls shell, as I want a tnt pattern for a shell top that's not a knit. Only must think of a solution for the closure, because buttons in the back are not handy. Do you think a zipper in the side is a good idea?


  1. You wrote, "Such a pity I don't read Spanish."

    I don't understand Spanish, either, but Paco has a link in the upper right of the page to translate the text into English. I also use to read non-English pages.

  2. You didn't show us the jacket - it's beautiful! Most people wouldn't know about the "mistake" anyway.

    I love Paco's blog. I can read enough Spanish to read his blog, and actually it's helping me get better to read the Spanish.

    A side zip is a great solution for the shell. They are very common in vintage styles; many of my shell/blouse patterns have them. The one for MG had a side zip, but I did buttons instead. There is no major pattern alteration needed, just cut the back on a fold and put the zipper in the side. At least try a muslin and see what you think.

  3. Your jacket is beautiful.

  4. I'm chuckling because I noticed that great jacket in this month's BWOF and I'm planning on sewing up the blouse too! You must be sending out signals that I'm picking up!

  5. Your jacket is gorgeous. Love, love the lining (I think I have a thing for linings that nearly matches my thing for shoes

    In relation to the cami, you could also add a zip to the back upside down. I have done that before and I also have a RTW top that is like that too. I don't know why they have patterns with buttons down the back?

  6. This jacket is on my sewing list too, I love the retro shape of it. Yours is truly beautiful and looks so good on you. Like the inside of it too, I must try my hand at this technique (I have my own version of it in my mind), I like it because it is like an underlining and it moves with the garment, not separately...

  7. I love your jacket Sigrid, it's beautiful!

  8. I made a shell like the one on the right with an upside down invisible zipper in the side. Works fine, even though it is fitted.
    Love your jacket. I tried the translation on Paco's site and it was about at clear as the Spanish to me.

  9. My Mum made this shell pattern and the buttons in the back are a real nuisance. I am planning a shell and thought about an invisible zip in the side, but I didn't know whether to have the zip pull at the top or the bottom. I have seen it done both ways.