Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 starts with projects from 2007

A few projects from 2007 to start with.

First of all my DD's Christmas dress. It's BWOF 11-2007-107 with a few alterations. She was so proud and happy with it. On Christmas she wore it with the BWOF short jacket I made her some time ago , which was a really nice combination.
Technically it's not a great sewing work, and I'm so not going to show you the inside of this one! DD helped as much as she could to get this dress finished in time. The fabric was very slippery, and I stabilized the top part with fusible interfacing. After that it should have had a full lining, but there really was no time for that (this dress was made on the Sunday before Christmas). On Linda's blog I found a great instruction for lining a sleeveless dress. Next time I want to try that.
The details on alterations for the pattern you'll find in my review on PR.

Second the vest was finished, I still needed the right buttons, none in the house that I could use, so I had to shop for them. Today I finally managed to go to a store with notions. This is the result. The armholes are a bit wide, but wearing this over a blouse or turtle neck will not show this too much I hope.

Last item is the first project of 2008! The wrap top of BWOF January 2008. The review is here. I made it on New Years day, in about 3 hours, from starting to trace to finishing. Quite a good start of sewing this year. I like it very much.

In my last post I said I would tell of my sewing plans for this year. I have no firm resolutions. Never make any at all (that is, not especially on January 1).
But in the sewing department I would like to:
  • make a spring wardrobe (swap), which will mostly consist of my favorite source for patterns: BWOF and Jalie
  • improve my skills, the books of Claire Shaeffer and Sandra Betzina will be my guide (any other suggestions I highly appreciate)
  • make a collar with stand without problems
  • make a coat for spring
  • maybe buy a binder for my coverstitch
  • renew my pattern drafting skills, I once did a class in this (must be 15 years ago at least). And I'm thinking of doing a class again, and I stopped doing my lingerie class. Might do that instead of it.
And what's up next? DD will keep me busy, she wants a high waist jeans from Knip Mode, and has found two white blouses from the BWOF January issue she would like.
See who comes first in that, because there were also two I like (and one is the same as she, and we don't have the same size).

The jeans is cut, but I'm a little sceptic on this one, as I don't have much faith in Knip pants patterns. Perhaps I'm wrong. Let's hope so. Basting first! DD surely wants to have it finished before she goes back to school on Monday. For me the holiday is over now, tomorrow I have to get some work done.


  1. I love your new BWOF top - perfect style and fabric is beautiful! I just got my issue today and saw that top right away and have a couple of fabrics to make it.

  2. I love your top too! I have the perfect fabric - just need to wait for that issue to be in the shops here.

  3. Love your top, too. Your dd's outfit is darling.

  4. The dress is lovely in red and I love the skirt's "balloon" effect.

  5. The red dress is just perfect for your daughter. Everything looks fab!

  6. Whata fabulous way of finishing 2007 and starting 2008 with the right foot! Love your Jan BWOF top!

    Happy New Year!!!