Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some days...

everything just doesn't go the way you would like to.

I was at work (from home) and trying to get a job started that has been on my mind for too long. Today I would make a good start. Apparently this was not a good day for this, I had to get a few more stones for workmen changing our drive, dear daughter came home from school 2 hours earlier, a lot of phone calls (both private and work related, sometimes it's easier not to work from home).
Then tonight I tried to make a bra from a new pattern for my daughter. Difficult descriptions, in German too, so in the end I just tried it my own way. After ripping some seams and even cutting a few pieces again (no good day!) it went rather smoothly, but ended up with having no shoulder straps in white to finish. Arghhh. I always have white shoulderstraps somewhere (I thought).

This is a picture of the bra so far on my pressing ham.
It's a Sewy pattern. When it's finished I'll write a review.


  1. Hi Sigrid

    I linked here from your pattern review. I really like your bras. My daughter is hard to fit (big bust, small back) and she likes this style of bra...without padding...she has enough of her own :-). I hope to work up to making them, so I appreciate the details on your blog.

    Great blog, by the way.

  2. Hi Sigrid!

    My frustration with finding bras that are non-padded (I also have enough of my own) has led me to considering sewing my own bras.

    On the blue striped bra, how did you do the seams that go up the middle? I have lost 5 dress sizes and if I could seam up the bottom part of my too stretchy but non-padded bras, they would work great!

    Are the seams frenched?
    The bra's fabric is lyrcra that was stretched to form a cup. I need more support. When I pinned a seam underneath, making it more like a balcony bra it was just about perfect in style. BUT I'm a novice sewer and I'm not sure how to do the seams to make them as flat as possible.


  3. Valerie, on your questions: the seams that go up in the middle are normal seams, edge stitched on both sides of the seam and then trimmed close to the edge stitching. Trimming is essential, because otherwise there will be too much fabric, causing "bubbles". This way they will be very flat seams. So (your other question) no french seams used. I've never seen french seams in bra's, too thick I think.


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